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Hello and (a terribly belated) Welcome to the Moose

Hello new people!!! It is wonderful to see so many fresh…er, um…faces on the Moose. Is that even an appropriate thing to say on the internet? I mean we don’t often see many actual faces here in the Moose virtual world, but rather have taken notice of the plethora of new and enthusiastic writings and comments by the next generation of the Motely Mooseers (at least that is what I hope I am seeing). It is wonderful to know that so many folks like our little corner of ‘teh internets’ and have decided to make it their new home.

(To any Moose web master: if you are so inclined, please feel free to insert an appropriate pic here, as I continue to be a troglodyte who refuses to learn basic computing skills;~J)

I am sure that most of you have heard by now how this site got started. And it does now seem that another group of bloggers have gotten sick of the same sort of nonsense from trolls and angry people and other unpleasantness over at the Daily Kos that contributed to a great deal of daily vomiting and other nasty bodily reactions to the infamous and horrid 2008 flame wars at mydd. and are now migrating north to Moose country. I am fairly certain that it will not take you four years to become a citizen of our happy home. As you may have noticed we are a bit unique among political blogs (at least I think we are) and welcome the large group that loaded onto the school bus and headed over here.

I go by Hollede here, but in real life am Holli De Groote and while I have pretty much been a lurker as of late, I I decided to crawl out of my self made bolt hole and let you all know how much we appreciate your presence here. I know that a couple of old Moose farts (Chris, Peter, Happy???) have been keeping the place going through a lull over this past year or so (btw, thank you guys for doing that!) and imagine they are equally ecstatic over the influx of “newbies” to the cool, brisk, clean, and multifaceted forests of Motley Mooseland.

due to health issues and a persistent writers block that causes me to erase almost everything I try to write.