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Thursday Morning Herd Check-in and Open Thread for Meesies

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

If you are new to the Moose, Kysen left a Moose Welcome Mat (Part Deux) so, please, wipe your feet before you walk in the front door start posting.

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“The Moose doesn’t do “mojo” in a standard fashion. Credit is earned on a more amorphous social basis than traditional blogoprofiling – more like real life.”

(Some other commenting/posting/tending notes for newbies can be found in this past check-in and, of course, consult Meese Mehta for all your questions on meesely decorum.)

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Like any group of friends there are moments when things can get a bit dodgy, either because some lunkhead is crashing the party or a couple good friends butt heads, but like any healthy group we try and usually succeed to come back into balance.


If you are a new moose (or an old moose) looking for a second chance to make a first impression, you can start right here.


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  1. iriti

    With a high today of 45 – we’re headed down in temps throughout the day.

    Posting quickly from home this AM because all I have at work is IE. Will be able to reply once I get there thanks to Jan F’s workaround. You rock, Jan!

     photo softwar.jpg

  2. nannyboz

    gonna cool off again.  Sadie was a good traveller yesterday, we should have MRI results today.

    I’m glad I don’t have IE anymore, looks like it’s causing a load of trouble.

    Have a great day all!

  3. blue jersey mom

    It’s not nice out there, and I am on my way to work in a while. My archaeological techniques class meets this afternoon, and I have office hours later this morning.

  4. lulu57

    loading pages, but I don’t have IE, so figured it was either my computer or my browser, but now you say it’s not. This morning everything seems to be loading much faster.

    Personally, I am very slow this morning and I think I might have the flu, or possibly I just ate something dodgy. Cancelled my tennis game and will rest up for next week.

    The weather is all kinds of weird. Right now we are having very high winds and I am hoping the power stays on. 47 degrees and falling a bit. Might snow tonight, after a high of 72 yesterday. So very very odd. 🙂

  5. 36 degrees colder than yesterday morning, and a bit of snow on the deck. Still breezy, and after the rains yesterday the lake is back up (I dunno, “a lot”) today. Kids are off school again due to flooding in low-lying areas.

  6. meagert

     Of course my heat went down during the cold spell…brrr. Wont be but a few weeks til it’s time to prep the garden, and plug in some seeds. The 2 month winters here sure beats the 5 month ones up north.


  7. cassandracarolina

    Loved the springlike weather, but my Stella D’Oro daylilies were starting to show new growth. That is just not right!  

    Nannyboz, did you get any of those severe storms? My gizmos were beeping with tornado watch info for my place in NC.  

  8. LabWitch

    had a bad night.  i’ll be back for fierces later.  one of my feverish up all nights.  it’ll straighten itself out, it always does.  don’t worry anyone.

  9. nchristine

    10 tomorrow morning.  Roads are still a mess today but I don’t have to go anywhere – work from home(for now).  We got around 5.5 inches.  But, it’s hard to tell because the wind was blowing pretty strong.

    28 hours to go to interview – I hope it works out!!!  I’m really lacking work at work and that’s not good when you’re contract.

  10. kishik

    Last night.  Winds gusting, rain smacking the windows.  Today is garbage day, so all my neighbors cans put out last night were rolling in the streets. By habit (forced by raccoons) i don’t put out the trash until the morning.

    But it felt like summer outside! very warm… Balmy.  Wind gusts were WARM. Very weird since it was also only 5:30 in the morning!

    Rain has now stopped… Skies are blue.


    But… Forecast is that winter is still here…. Returning starting tonight.

    Sigh.  I need Spring.

  11. Jk2003

    Staying in the teens.  Really cold with wind tonight.  Gotta bundle up the girl for ballet today.  

    Do me a favor and go vote for the diary name in my last post – my house is mad at me.

    Have a great day!

  12. DeniseVelez

    I’m at school already – very dangerous wind gusts, we’ve got major power outages here in the region.  

    Spent all day yesterday dealing with our oldest dog who is very sick – she made it through the night, much to our surprise, but we are still trying to decide what to do.

  13. LeftOverFlowerChild

    At 36, but suppose to hit 68 before the day is out. Not bad. At least the wind has stopped blowing. Now if the dang cedar pollen would just go away—Yes, yes I know I’m wishing for things that cannot be. ~sigh~

    Baby sitting today with a 14 month old! Looking forward to playtime :o)

  14. pittiepat

    just a bit north of zero tonight.  Haven’t had coffee yet but have done time in the swimming pool.  Think I need to rustle up some food and a cuppa.

  15. bill d

    A balmy 33 degrees here in North Texas this morning. We had our week of spring now I guess the next time it warms up it will go to 90.

    Hope everyone has a good Thursday on what has been a long, long week.

  16. jlms qkw

    no new snow this morning, maybe one more snow episode, then it will dry up.  35f right now, nice and melty.  kids to school.

  17. nchristine

    We got 5.5 inches of snow yesterday and the wind was blowing strong.  Newer furnaces now put the intake and output vents to the side of the house.  Mine are about 2-3 feet off the ground and is on the south side of the house.  The wind was blowing enough that there is a drift up to my knees on the south side of the house.  Just enough snow got into the output line that it got clogged up a bit, therefore the blower inside the house wasn’t working.  It’s now up to 64F inside…. up 2 degrees in 20 minutes and climbing.

  18. slksfca

    Just waking up here. Coffee is hot, weather is cool with blue skies overhead. Mid-60s in store this afternoon. I may try a short walk in the park…

  19. DavidW

    I go in for a new Florida driver’s license picture. I renew online and haven’t had a new picture in 12 years! So I had a Groupon from my barbershop but it was for a different barber than the one I have been using. I told him I needed a haircut and shave that would make me look good for 12 years. He worked on me an hour and the beard looks great but the hair is a bit off but it will do. Anyways, the point of this whole story is that I had been letting my beard grow out and fill in, and when I walked into the shop my regular barber, Tony looked and me and said: “Wow, your beard looks fierce!” (He even said it twice) I thought I looked ratty and unkempt but because of the Moose I assumed it was a compliment.  

  20. wordsinthewind

    I had to round up a ride to town this morning to take care of some business for the Democratic Party and it was so cold. It’s warmed up nicely now. I think I’ll take a nap since I got up extra early to be ready when my friends got here. I don’t drive (long story) so I’ve learned to make it convenient for people to come pick me up. Mr w will return tomorrow, his trip has gone well. They don’t always and since he isn’t done until the instruments all check out it’s impossible to have firm schedules. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

  21. maggiejean

    I generally stop by here every day to read some mighty fine writing but I’m not here long enough to participate in the morning coffee klatch.  Good to see you, though.

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