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The Lounge: I Find Myself in the Strangest Places

When I allow myself, usually out of boredom, to follow the ‘you might like this’ trail on YouTube….I find myself in the strangest places.

This afternoon was one of those experiences. I can’t even tell you where I started my Sunday afternoon travels…but, will share with you a couple of the videos at the end of my journey. I will also include a couple of the ‘treasures’ found during past ‘I just fell through the Youtube rabbit hole’ adventures.

These are some of the strangest Youtube clips I have come across. The first two are the ones that sparked this diary…I just came across them today. A couple of them are ones I used on my ‘Troll Roll’ way back during the MyDD days. Back then posting bizarre vid clips in reply to trolls was the MyDD version of the dKos Recipes tactic. Each of them, in their own right, makes me laugh or cringe or furrow my brow in confusion. I hope they do the same for you. /grin

So, sit back and enjoy stare in bemusement.

This one really weirded me out at first. I initially believed she had had some sort of insane form of body modification (BagelHeads come to mind). I quickly realized it was just an uber bizarre computer edited clip…something tipped me off, see if you can figure out what it was.

I think this one may haunt my dreams. All I can say about it is…..”Da fuuuuuuck?”

This is one from my old Troll Roll. They are all just so…earnest.

Here is my all time favorite of the ‘Literal Videos’…I think I cried when I watched it for the first time. It is just that moving. /grin

On the off chance that some poor Moose out there that has not yet been introduced to the world of the Honey Badger….

Last, for now, is an oldie but goodie…this is a show that I wish was shown in re-runs during the wee hours.

Please share your favorite weird/funny/wtf Youtube finds…I can’t be the ONLY one who ‘falls into Youtube’ (don’t even get me started on ‘falling into Google’…THAT is plain dangerous!).


  1. LabWitch

    mostly the net is less weird than my own head.  remember, i was an ME … my head is not always the best place to live.  especially if i recall say, train accidents (train v. person) car wrecks (all kinds) and child abuse.  nope, the net is a lot less strange mostly.  considering i stay out of the really dark places on the net.

    the weird fun places are really cool!

  2. trs

    nothing special, just some of the photos I did in 2012. I had an attack of the lazies today – I’ll post it tomorrow night. This guy makes a guest appearance in it…


  3. sricki

    my weird wanderings on YouTube often end with a “related videos” list filled with vids of a bunch of Latino fellows (all different users, I might add) trying to get two horses to procreate. There’s usually a couple of “cat fight” vids mixed in there as well.

    I’m afraid all this may be a personal problem, however, so I hesitate to blame YouTube for it. It doesn’t seem to happen to other people (that I know of).

    Came across this one today (prior to the horse fucking), and it kind of struck my fancy:

    This next clip is apparently just one installment out of an ongoing series. I think it might actually be pretty popular? Either way, it worries me.

    Sometimes I fret about humanity.  

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