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The Daily F Bomb, Sunday 1/27

Good morning, Effers! I trust you have a pleasant Sunday planned.

Today is National Chocolate cake day, so if you please, describe your favorite chocolate cake. What is your favorite breakup song? What is the best vacation you ever had in your life? The worst? Should cornbread be sweet?

Now let us muddy our feet in the Twitter Stream. Forgive Bloombito, he’s making fun of Bloomberg’s mangled Spanish, not the language itself:

Now for some Sunday School:

On This Day

In 1888, the National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, D.C..

In 1951, nuclear testing began at the Nevada Test Site with a one-kiloton bomb dropped on Frenchman Flat.

In 1967, astronauts Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee died in a flash fire during a test aboard their Apollo 1 spacecraft at Cape Kennedy, Florida.

In 1967, more than 60 nations signed a treaty banning deployment of nuclear weapons in space, and limiting use of the Moon and other celestial bodies to peaceful purposes..

In 1973, the Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris.

In 1998, then First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, appearing on NBC’s Today show, said that allegations against her husband were the work of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

In 2006, Western Union delivered its last telegram.

In 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad tablet computer during a presentation in San Francisco.

Born on This Day

1585 – Hendrick Avercamp, Dutch painter (d. 1634)


1756 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer (d. 1791)

1805 – Samuel Palmer, English artist (d. 1881)


1832 – Arthur Hughes, English Pre-Raphaelite painter (d. 1915)


1832 – Lewis Carroll, English author (d. 1898)

1841 – Arkhip Kuindzhi, Russian painter (d. 1910)


1850 – John Collier, English painter (d. 1934)


1850 – Samuel Gompers, American labor leader (d. 1924)

1850 – Edward J. Smith, English captain of the RMS Titanic (d. 1912)

1885 – Jerome Kern, American composer (d. 1945)

1885 – Maeda Seison, Japanese painter (d. 1977)


1908 – William Randolph Hearst, Jr., American newspaper magnate (d. 1993)

1918 – Elmore James, American blues musician (d. 1963)

1921 – Donna Reed, American actress (d. 1986)


1926 – Ingrid Thulin, Swedish actress (d. 2004)

1930 – Bobby Blue Bland, American singer

1936 – Troy Donahue, American actor (d. 2

1940 – James Cromwell, American actor

1942 – Kate Wolf, American folk singer and songwriter (d. 1986)

1944 – Nick Mason, English drummer (Pink Floyd)

1948 – Mikhail Baryshnikov, Russian ballet dancer

1951 – Brian Downey, Irish drummer (Thin Lizzy)

1954 – Ed Schultz, American radio and television political talk show host

1955 – John G. Roberts, American jurist and the 17th Chief Justice of the United States

1959 – Keith Olbermann, American political commentator

1961 – Gillian Gilbert, British musician (New Order and The Other Two)

1961 – Margo Timmins, Canadian singer (Cowboy Junkies)

1964 – Bridget Fonda, American actress

1965 – Alan Cumming, Scottish actor

1968 – Mike Patton, American singer-songwriter (Faith No More)

1969 – Patton Oswalt, American actor and writer

Died on This Day

1595 – Sir Francis Drake, English explorer (b. c.1540)

1651 – Abraham Bloemaert, Dutch painter and printmaker in etching and engraving (b. 1566)


1812 – Captain John Perkins, first black commissioned officer in the Royal Navy

1901 – Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer (b. 1813)

1910 – Thomas Crapper, English inventor (b. 1836)

1972 – Mahalia Jackson, American singer (b. 1911)

1986 – Lilli Palmer, German-born actress (b. 1914)


1993 – André the Giant, French professional wrestler and actor (b. 1946)

2004 – Jack Paar, American television show host (b. 1918)

2007 – Tige Andrews, American actor (b. 1920)

2009 – John Updike, American novelist (b. 1932)

2010 – Zelda Rubinstein, American actress (b. 1933)

2010 – J. D. Salinger, American novelist (b. 1919)

2010 – Howard Zinn, American historian and activist (b. 1922)

Today is

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Chocolate Cake Day

Punch the Clock Day


  1. Are you a socialist or something?

    I refuse to Punch the Clock today but beware if you hit the snooze alarm:


    Ha ha at Lilli Palmer hover: perfect expression … but +4 for this “The selling agent is very pleased that there is a walk-in closet, but they are going to have to do some serious cleaning before it goes on the market.”

    Good morning, Floja Roja, and bombers. Have a spendiferous day!!

  2. blue jersey mom

    We are hoping to go on the vacation of a lifetime this summer. We hope to go on a walking tour of Tuscany with the kids. We have wanted to take the kids to Italy for ever. Son 2 can get the time off from his job, and we want to go before Rob’s last semester in college. Our goal is to walk, take some pictures, and drink some wine. Most of my travel is job-related, so I am looking forward to a real vacation. We have not taken a real vacation in years.

  3. Describe your favorite chocolate cake. Lemon.

    What is your favorite breakup song?

    What is the best vacation you ever had in your life? What does that word mean?

    The worst? Remind me again, this is where you go somewhere and don’t work?

    Should cornbread be sweet? Don’t be silly. Of course.

  4. Today is National Chocolate cake day, so if you please, describe your favorite chocolate cake.

    My mother was an excellent baker. I was her assistant. There was an excellent chocolate cake from the Joy of Cooking that we could make in about 30 minutes, start to finish.

    We had, as a family, been to a restaurant in NYC and had the greatest chocolate cake. For my birthday one year, we decided to make it. My mom managed to get the recipe. It was COMPLEX! The sort of recipe that has multiple sub-recipes that are then combined. It took a couple hours. It was good, but not that much better than the one we made easily.

    What is your favorite breakup song?

    I have no idea.

    What is the best vacation you ever had in your life?

    There have been a bunch of good ones, but one was to Hawaii. In addition to having a great time, we also found out my wife was pregnant.  That was cool.

    The worst?

    We once went to a hotel on some Caribbean Island. It was awful. We decided to call that place “The last resort”.

    Should cornbread be sweet?

    No. Sweet baked goods are called cake. 🙂

  5. Today is holocaust remembrance day because today, in 1945, Auschwitz was liberated.

    Let us remember not only the holocaust and its many villains, but the heros of the Holocaust. People like Oskar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg and one you may not have heard of: Irena Sendler.  

    More about Irena

  6. pamelabrown

    Love the daily art history lessons.

    Favorite chocolate cake?

    German Chocolate (love the pecans in the frosting).

    Favorite breakup song?

    Todd Rundgren’s “Hello, It’s Me”. Gives me earworms but I think it rich that he’s doing this (breaking up) for you, Honey because “it’s important to me, that you know you are free”.

    Best vacation?

    Hard one but I’ll go with one of our Paris trips where we walked the left bank following the footsteps of Paris Salon life in the 1920’s. At the end of the day we crossed the Pont Neuf to the rooftop of the Samaritaine Dept. Store to survey our itinerary. (Lots of wine breaks).

    Worst vacation?

    Many years ago I flew to Columbia, MO. to visit family and friends. I was by myself and checked into a motel by the interstate because of its location offered me flexibility.  Anyway, checked in at night, went to my room and started to undress and saw the night manager crouching behind some HVAC (?) units watching me.  I freaked, hurriedly dressed grabbed my purse and drove into town and checked into the Hilton. To this day, Then while I was staying at the Hilton, my darling little purse (which contained my airline ticket) was stolen from my room. Trust me, I’m just giving you the highlights!

    Cornbread sweet?

    Nah. For the same reason as plf515 🙂  

  7. Its the Supreme Court Stupid

    It is still cold here in the Hudson Valley (up to 222 right now) , but we are supposed to get up to above freezing.  Break out he swim suits!

  8. SheltieMan

    He’s taking gabapentin as well as tramadol now. He’s eating and acting almost normally. Next week, we plan to take x-rays of his belly to see if we can find out where he was bleeding from, just in case it’s something treatable.

  9. slksfca

    Lovely collection of hover-worthy pix today. 🙂

    My best vacation was a flying trip to Paris, so quick that I didn’t get jet lag until after the trip home. I fell in love on that trip, with the city, and with a very attractive Parisian for whom I ditched my traveling companion to spend a day and a night with.

    Ahh, to be young again!

  10. dakinishir

    What if I prefer quaking aspens?!?


    Answers: Dark chocolate fudge, warmed up, served with vanilla ice cream

    “Cry” by Faith Hill

    I love all my vacations. Can’t choose a best/worst. There were probs best/worst moments in many of them…um…the 10 days in Tuscany for my 40th birthday were memorable…the views! the food! the wine! the history! the people! the food!…had some wet, yet wonderful camping trips, listening to loons. Disney a bagillion times, the lines and heat – yuck – but the magic and fun and often, the people – yay! Train trip from Albany, ny to Denver, CO – very cool and slightly uncomfortable. I could go on. But I won’t.

    No. I agree with plf. That would be cake, not bread.

  11. Gee

    Today is National Chocolate cake day, so if you please, describe your favorite chocolate cake. What is your favorite breakup song? What is the best vacation you ever had in your life? The worst? Should cornbread be sweet?

    It’s chocolate.  It’s cake.  It’s moist.  It has fudgy chocolate icing.

    The Leader of the Pack.

    Best vacation:  Any trip to Yosemite, especially the summer of 1975.

    Worst vacation:  A trip to White Stone, Virginia (a beach on the Rappahannock River).  My family (I was a kid then) went there with another, very dysfunctional family.  There were seven of us in one little car on the way there.  The house was a wreck.  The river was full of jellyfish.  The first night we were there, I was awakened with a horrible cramp in my calf, which I think was brought on by stress.

    Sweet cornbread is OK, but I prefer the other kind.

  12. Kysen

    Describe your favorite chocolate cake. The kind that turns into a cheesecake (not so fond of cake cake)

    What is your favorite breakup song? Blask already called dibs on Cee-Lo, so I will go with:

    Scandal/Patty Smyth – Goodbye to You

    What is the best vacation you ever had in your life? First family trip to Europe as a kid  (we spent the summer and hit all the ‘main’ tourist sites…was an educational blast)

    The worst? Dunno? (I am a ‘roll with the punches’ sort…even bad trips end up having redeeming qualities)

    Should cornbread be sweet?  No. (cornbread should compliment a meal…not be a dessert)

  13. sarahnity

    describe your favorite chocolate cake.  German chocolate with lots of pecans and coconut.

    What is your favorite breakup song? If I’m the dumper:

    If I’m the dumpee:

    What is the best vacation you ever had in your life?  Hard to pick, I’ve had lots of great ones.  Traveling through China with my husband, his whole family and my parents is in the top five, for sure.

    The worst?  There were a few with my dad when I was a kid that had some real low points, but for the most part, I enjoy traveling, even with the ups and downs.

    Should cornbread be sweet?  Not really, but if that’s all you have, I’ll eat it.

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