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Friday Morning Herd Check-in and Open Thread for the Moosepeeps

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  1. News:

    Senate Approves Modest Changes To Filibuster Rule

    In two votes Thursday evening, the Senate overwhelmingly approved changes to the rules of the chamber, including the rules governing the filibuster. The final votes were 78-16 and 86-9. […]

    In the end, however, Reid declined to push through more extensive reforms on a simple majority vote – the so-called “nuclear option.” Instead, Reid reached an accord with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for much more modest rules changes than he himself had initially supported.


    Three Winners And Three Losers In Today’s Filibuster Deal

    The list of reforms is short and unlikely to fundamentally repair the broken Senate, but it does include some genuinely helpful reforms to the nominations process – in addition to a major concession to the Republican minority.

    The biggest winners are Federal district judges. Some Federal courts have been running shorthanded for years and bloviating on the confirmation has been reduced to 2 hours.

  2. trs

    Kidlet is unhappy – no school again today. We’re expecting snow this afternoon, but again, under an inch. I suspect the roads up in the hills are slick. It was a powdery snow, and it melted a bit then refroze. However, this also means that her last behind the wheel class is called off – again.

    Iriti will check in later. She’s staying home today due to a headache that is in its second day. She thinks it’s a reaction to the prednisone.

    Me, I’m hoping for an easy day, but not betting on it.

  3. kirbybruno

    Subbing today, so this is my only free time until way later.  We are going into the city and staying overnight tomorrow to use up a hotel groupon that is about to expire. Gonna hit the museum of contemporary art and a snow sculpting event gong on at navy pier, and not only can we walk to all of it,  we won’t have to drive home when we are pooped! 🙂

  4. Jk2003

    We finally got a little snow.  Enough for the kids to play in at least.  No showings today so far so I am planning on exercising, cooking and playing today.  Have a great day all!

  5. princesspat

    But since I’m awake, good morning anyway. The weather widjet tells me it’s 47° and it sounds like rain outside my window.  I feel a nap coming on…..

  6. blue jersey mom

    I am skyping into a meeting because it is supposed to snow. I slept in my lab one night last semester when the weather was bad. I don’t want to spend the weekend in my lab. My spring semester classes start Monday.

  7. pittiepat

    which is quite late for me.  Columbia is warming up today, high mid-40s.  Rain over the week-end, mid-60s on Monday then the thermometer retreats back into the 20s.  Very little snow so far this year and even less rain.  Hope this changes soon or we’re on the way to a summer drier and more miserable that last years.

  8. meagert

    OMG! Quick, empty the stores of milk and bread.

    Even after all the years down here, I still think it’s funny.

  9. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Already in the mid 50’s headed to upper 60’s today. Yesterday’s high was 83 in my part of N. Texas. Very odd weather, but climate change is a myth, just ask Rick Perry and his band of looney henchmen.

    Not much going on here…kind of quiet today. Prep for tomorrow I suppose, power lifting meet for the youngest kiddo, older sons and their respective SO’s will be here tomorrow for a birthday dinner and family time. Tis the middle son’s birthday celebration and he doesn’t like cake so today I’ll be baking buttermilk pies. One regular buttermilk pie and then the super duper coconut/chocolate chip buttermilk pie. I love baking pies from the crust up so kind of a fun day for me.

  10. wordsinthewind

    but at least we’re supposed to be cooling off some and perhaps rain. There are a few clouds so I’m entertaining the posibilities.  

  11. LabWitch

    i was going to make chicken and dumplings but son labby has decided he wants to make his sicilian spaghetti (a panda sister from my the panda site i used to run sent me her family recipe, obviously she’s italian and sicilian 🙂  so, we’ll be off to the store for ingredients soon.  i’ll be back later to rec things here.

    everyone have a lovely friday.  

    last night it was stuffy in the house so the a/c was turned on, this morning i turned on that furnace so fast LOL.  the windows in this house do not open … crappy builder!

    in other news, my fancy bathtub, a walk in sit down, jetted model, is having seal leakage problems at the faucets and one pump has gone out.  they’re all under 10 year warranty and the plumbers are ordering the parts today so next week it should all be up and running again … YAY.  it doesn’t take much to excite me anymore does it?  LOL  have great days all!

  12. slksfca

    Delicately hazy here, with high clouds visible above the mist. Mild temperatures on order for today.

    Tried to watch a DVD last night and my player kept skipping and halting. Probably needs to be cleaned – or replaced. Damn thing is four years old now…

  13. HappyinVT

    are N.U.T.S.  If I’m up by 8:00 I’m early  If I’m functioning by 9:00 I’m early.

    It is above 0 today so we’re not complaining; not that I care ’cause I’m stripping what I thought was six layers, but discovered is actually seven, of wallpaper.  On the last wall and determined to finish today.  May not be able to do my hair for the next week but the walls will be sans wallpaper.

    Lastly, JanF, my sincerest thanks for doing this every day.  I don’t always comment but your efforts do not go unnoticed.  Need to tell floja the same thing; don’t know how she finds the time unless she doesn’t sleep.

  14. iriti

    Late to the party, took some Ibuprofen PM and went back to bed for several hours, then sat and watched mindless TV for a while until the fog settled. Now awake and headache down to a dull background pounding.

    Could still use another nap and might take one. Full of vim and vigor today, no doubt about it.

  15. mahakali overdrive

    umpteenth weekend in a row. We probably have weather outside. I should open the blinds and find out. I’m avoiding any and all temptation, however, to distraction since this is a long-haul to keep up until Monday.

    Taking a break from my mind.

    I’m lying in an enormous piles of books and papers. It looks like the sacking of the Alexandria library in here. We’re out of coffee. I’ve resorted to boiled black tea in the Turkish manner, although lacking a proper Turkish tea kettle, it’s just boiled and sweetened and put into little glass cups.


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