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Thursday Morning Moose Check-in and Open Thread for the Meeses

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  1. GOP Senator: Hillary Clinton Faked Emotional Outburst At Benghazi Hearing:

    After the hearing, [Freaking Senator Who I Did NOT Vote For Ron] Johnson complained to Buzzfeed that Clinton had planned to become emotional as a way to avoid answering questions:


    I’m not sure she had rehearsed for that type of question. I think she just decided before she was going to describe emotionally the four dead Americans, the heroes, and use that as her trump card to get out of the questions. It was a good way of getting out of really having to respond to me.

    In my defense, I phonebanked in 2010 for Russ Feingold and cried on election night when Russ and a lot of other good progressives went down in the midterms. And don’t even get me started on Gov. Scott Walker.

  2. blue jersey mom

    Will someone please mail me to Hawai’i. I have to go into the office. We are meeting with a prospective student, and I need to photocopy all my course materials for next week. Brrrrrr.

  3. trs

    We have about 18&deg with about an inch of snow on the ground. Kidlet’s school has been canceled for today – which does not make her happy. It’s not that she enjoys going to school, but her driver’s ed behind the wheel class is run by the county school system. This would be her last night. We’ll check this afternoon, but their policy is if school is called off, the class is canceled.

    Spent a good part of yesterday thawing out a couple drain traps that had frozen. The community manager’s shower drain froze up, and he ended up standing ankle deep in water when he started his shower. So, we went under his home, found where the insulation had come loose, thawed out the trap with a heat gun, and resealed everything.

  4. LabWitch

    still dealing with multiple infections and have to take son to a doc appointment for check on the surgery he had last week (minor, ingrown toenail, but it had been infected).  then to drug store for “old people” aspirin and milk thistle.   other than that, maybe i’ll feel good enough to play with Ms. Anabel once it warms up a bit.

    hope everyone else has a nice day.  sorry for all the cold weather most of you are putting up with.  

  5. Secretary Of Defense Lifts Ban On Women In Combat

    In a surprise move, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta removed the military ban on women in combat on Wednesday. Lifting the ban will open service on the front lines to thousands of women.

    According to the Associated Press, the move was recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and overturns a 1994 rule banning women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. Smaller exemptions to the rule were passed in 2012, but the new decision opens up 238,000 positions where women were formerly banned.

    The service branches have to report on their implementation plans by May 15 and they can request special exemptions for certain combat jobs through 2016. The most important thing it does is open up promotions to women that were limited to those with combat experience. Maybe one day we will see a woman chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  6. LabWitch

    women in combat.  it’s only right and fair.  other nations have had women in combat for many years.  Israel comes to mind.  

  7. LabWitch

    i went to da orange to post a message for our the quilt sara is putting together for commonmass and GMB02, interestingly enough there was a scoop message that i’m now a TU at orange place.  last i checked i was still a TU even though i hadn’t posted since this past summer.  weird…

  8. iriti

    Almost typed “messes” which describes me this morning but I hope does not describe the rest of you!

    18 today, headed for 21.

    It snowed last night, only about an inch but it caught folks off guard and the roads are covered so Kidlet has no school. Typically she would consider this a good thing, but it’s her last day of “behind the wheel” driver’s ed so she is NOT a happy camper.

     photo funny-pictures-snow-kitten.jpg

  9. cassandracarolina

    She was rushed to surgery early this morning after significant post-partum bleeding and is now in the ICU up in the frozen tundra of New Hampshire. Wish I was still there! Thankfully things seem stabilized but whatever prayers and positive thoughts and vibes you good folks could send her way would surely help. Thanks!!

  10. and the lake is finally receding. Don’t know if they are going to be able to dump all of that 4 billion tons of water before it is supposed to come back up on its normal schedule in four weeks, will be interesting to find out.

  11. wordsinthewind

    it’s going to be another lovely warm day here, our local weather guy is predicting a high of 78 today. No wonder the fruit trees get confused.

  12. dear occupant

    CC, hope everything turns out well. keep us posted.

    well, not much of an upbeat report from the lakefront.

    i knew it yesterday when my glands started hurting…so yeah, i got the flu.

    good news? maybe i can finish up some diaries, if i can only remember how to think.  UUGGHH.

    here comes Mr. CrankyPants. the worlds worst patient! :-/

  13. bill d

    Going to be another beautiful day here in North Texas and I hope the thaw comes quickly to/for our frigid members.

    Don’t hate me for our weather now, we get 8 months of summer, laugh at me in August.


  14. DavidW

    Was 57 at dawn when we got up for the dog walk this morning. No car for 5 days while they repair the head gasket and do whatever they do at the mechanics? Found a ride to art class tonight but need to think of something to paint. I have a solo show coming up in September at a coffee shop with small wall spaces so must come up with some small paintings. Hope it warms up some for you guys that are up north. I hear the airport is jumping here in Palm Beach.

  15. SheltieMan

    Turn for the worse. We weren’t certain at first, but he’s urinating much more than he appears to be drinking and he also has apparently lost all bladder control. His vet recheck is later this morning.

    He’s also having more and more trouble with his back legs, and walks partly sideways.

    Added to all his other symptoms, this makes me think “tumor.”  

  16. Just got back from taking my niece to work. We have a wintry mix coming in tomorrow but not expecting much snow to accumulate.

    Spending today trying to get caught up on writing. Which probably means I’ll be playing with my art programs instead. 😉

  17. sricki

    I’m not much for cold, but I can handle this unless it’s windy.

    Currently procrastinating school work and job hunt and and and…

    Think I’ll loiter around here just a liiiiiiiiiiiittle longer…

  18. JG in MD

    My balcony had 1/4 inch of snow this morning with little birdie footprints everywhere and no birdseed left. I smiled a lot and refilled everything. Good mornin’ everybuddy.  

  19. pittiepat

    to the pool at 6:15 and at 9:30 it is still only 13.  I guess I’m easily amused but I got a kick out of the lifeguard pacing around the edge of the pool where 8 old ladies were during aerobics in 4 ft. of water.  He looked like he was afraid that one of us had somehow sunk and was lying at the bottom of the pool.

  20. slksfca

    A hazy morning. No fog overhead, but I can see a fat fickle finger of it poking through the Golden Gate just to my north. Mild temp in the low 50s right now, and should warm to about 60 later on.

    I ordered a pizza last night that disappointed. Rubbery cheese, not enough toppings, and soggy-bottomed crust. I think I can remedy that last problem by reheating in the oven, but it is a disappointment. Next time I’ll go with my old favorite pizza joint.

    Today I may go out for a hot breakfast. After that, laundry and a couple of Important Phone Calls. Then leftover pizza for dinner! 🙂

  21. raina

    y’all sure are chatty-cathy’s around here, it’s hard to keep up.

    Damn, I didn’t realize how creepy they are. The dolls, not my peeps here.  

  22. cassandracarolina

    I am loving being able to fully interact with this site on my iPad as well as my laptop – whoever’s behind the “tech” side of Motley Moose, a hearty “high five”!!! Very cool stuff!

  23. JG in MD

    No. 28: I can click around and fine my moosey friends easily and be social or at least stalk lurk among you.  

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