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  1. sricki

    you to apologize for your opinions. They are your own — based on an accumulation of personal experiences — and you are welcome to them, even if others do not share them.

    You are more than welcome here so long as you can maintain civility and leave offsite drama/grudges/wars exactly there… offsite.

    From Posting Guidelines:

    1.  Personal attacks will not be tolerated…

    This includes personal attacks against bloggers who may not be here to defend themselves.

    As moderators we understand that we walk a fine line when requesting that our users avoid bashing other sites or rehashing that which occurs on other blogs. Too heavy a hand and too free with the banhammer, and we will be accused of censorship. Too lenient and “hands off,” and our home can become a cesspool of negativity fairly quickly. It’s a balance which is sometimes difficult to find.

    Please don’t make it more difficult for us. We want everyone here to contribute comfortably and engage in a free but constructive exchange of ideas.

    To the Community:

    This issue now lies in Moderation’s hands. I would ask that others refrain from commenting further in this diary.

  2. melvin

    to ask on a blog of all places, but could someone point me to one piece of evidence, the slightest anecdote even, that it is worth even trying to communicate with another human being? Anywhere? Ever? I would like to believe, but have never seen any evidence.

  3. melvin

    Is this some kind of DK annex? A mirror shrine for the wit and wisdom of Moulitsas and his witless toadies? I honestly don’t get it.

    I really do not understand.

  4. LabWitch

    star talk radio on the nerdist channel?

    i have a crush on Dr. Tyson too, and every week he has interesting guests and they discuss all kinds of sciency stuff.  you can sign up for a notice to tune on the date and time.  brb with a linky.

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