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Annanuther Member Joins the Herd

…and here i are.  another of the kos refugees.  many of you are already here and know me.  i’m a retired ME (and just for the record, CSI is a TV show, not life in the ME’s offices), my ME status is a Ph.D. not an m.d and i don’t give medical advice to live people.  i may give an opinion if asked but i’ll always refer you to your own doctor.  what i may do, also, is, if i have had similar to your medical complaint, give you my experience, and still refer you to your own doc.  i can’t prescribe and i won’t.

i’m a panda lover.  i’ve been to china to see the pandas and experience the chinese culture. i adore fuzzy animals.  i admire reptiles, but i won’t approach one.  fish are cool, but, i prefer the marine mammals.  bears, pandas, polar, all kinds are my favorite animals.  i love the pootie diaries although i can’t have cats.  allergies to cat saliva, alas.  

i’m also a heavy duty reader.  lots of history, lots of biography.  some novels.  i have to find the book people here and volunteer to write some pieces for them if they’ll have me.

i’m liberal in politics.  i do own guns, but, i’m no gun enthusiast.  i had to carry when i worked as we were considered LEOs, ME’s aren’t considered LEOs anymore in texas.  i do have a concealed carry permit, but rarely use it.  i have long guns (hunting type guns)and the most i shoot with those are targets and clay pigeons, although i am not as good with skeet as i used to be.  old eyes ya know. i have no problem with the new proposed regulations and see no reason to own a military style weapon.  

i’m a firm disbeliever in conspiracies, particularly those involving the President.  i have a bit of a crush on Joe Biden and i admire Dr. Jill and the First Lady immensely.

i have internal and external scleroderma, so my immune system is highly compromised (hence early retirement from the ME duties).  which is why most of my typing, and i apologize for this, is in lower case.  my hands pain me both from the arthritis the scleroderma causes and from the swelling it also causes, hence it follows that my hands don’t easily move over the keys.  i can either use all caps (i’m of the old school and feel like that’s yelling) or all lower case.  i’ll try to do better, but, on some days, like today, it just doesn’t work. i also have raynaud’s disease which causes my fingers and toes to ache badly and become numb so some days, typing is hard.

i’m in texas, and while at one time i was proud of my state for the political talent it contained and gave the nation, i can’t wait to get outta here these days because of teh stupid.

i’ll bash john cornyn whenever possible and won’t even give rick perry the time of day.

feel free to ask any questions regarding my old profession.  i’ll answer to the best of my ability.

so … hello to old friends and i hope to make lots of new friends here!  

p.s. sometimes i can be pretty grouchy, so this is fair warning.


  1. LabWitch

    it’ll take me a while to quit hitting the fail button, i’m so used to that being the rec button LOL.  so far so good though.

    hope you are well and it’s good to see all the formerly orange good people here.

  2. Nurse Kelley

    I’m so glad you’re here! You’ll find lots of readers, including plf515 – Peter – who posts his “What Are You Reading” blogs in the recent list.

    Feel better soon, and don’t worry about the typing. At least you can spell; I’m known to get pretty original in that department.

    Gotta go find a doc who works on the living. I’ve had a staph. pneumoniae infection in my sinuses since last summer that just won’t go away. It responds to abx it’s sensitive to but always comes back. Must be up in there in a place without good blood supply, or something.

    PS – No mention of your dogs? Really? NOT FAIR! 🙂

  3. fogiv

    …and don’t worry about capitalization.  i rarely do here, out of pure, unfettered laziness.  you shant be jundged for it — and if you are, well those ppl will have to deal with me.


  4. Like did you ever have anyone with earwigs to eat their brains? Anybody ever french kiss an electrical outlet on a double dare?  Welcome to the Moose!!  You ever see anyone get stomped to death by a Moose?  

  5. dear occupant

    i’m also a lower case specialist and i’ll admit it, i’m just lazy that way.

    i don’t believe there’s any ring kissing necessary here, you’ve landed on friendlier shores.  

    i just have to ask, did the morgue wagon come with the job?  

  6. LabWitch

    the Fierce/Meh/Fail thing one day.  gotta get used to that.  fortunately i’ve caught my mistakes.  please understand it’s just that the Fail button is where the orange rec button was.  it’s almost an auto-reflex.

  7. bill d

    Great to see you and hope that Anabel & Torre are doing well……and Mr. LabWitch too, of course.

    Great to see you here, hope you have been well!

  8. slksfca

    And while I recognize you from the GOS, I haven’t ever (to my shame) gotten to know you. Maybe we can change that? 🙂

  9. I for one don’t mind your e e cummings style of typing. And thanks for explaining. I sorry to hear of your condition, but you bring a wealth of experience and passion for justice, and are most welcome here on the Moose

  10. I post What are you Reading? every Wednesday morning, early.

    The slower pace here suits WAYR very well…. lets comments come in all week.  

  11. They are a friendly group of moose although I really prefer meeses as a plural. 😉

    I still have writing obligations over at GOS but I’m spending more and more time here.

  12. BlueStateRedhead

    Don’t know if we met while paddling though the orange swamp.

    Sorry to have missed you there, although not to missed your recent troubles with the shoot from the hip in the comment guy.

    I love your sig line.

    What a perq.

    And good on you for being a perfectionist on the job.

    One way to avoid Failing when you mean to fierce is to come to a party that you happened to miss like this one, and just practice fiercing everyone. Muscle habit training. Also, when you arrive on time at the next party you are likely to get a warm welcome from the peeps whom you fierced.

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