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Tuesday Morning Moose Check-in and Open Thread for the Moosen

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

If you are new to the Moose, Kysen left a Moose Welcome Mat (Part Deux) so, please, wipe your feet before you walk in the front door start posting.

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For those looking for a second chance to make a first impression, that is very good advice.



  1. Kysen

    35 degrees in Hampton Roads….but, feels oddly warmer than that.

    Looks like the Hotlist is up and running (check the Side Menu).

  2. Khloe

    Wind chill is minus 21. Wind chill advisory up through this afternoon. You would think I like in Wisconsin or something.;-)

    I’m feeling a bit numb today.

    Comfortably Numb photo ComfortablyNumb.jpg

  3. trs

    18&deg here in the Shenandoah Valley, with a predicted high of 21, and a low of 10 tonight. Cold for this part of the world.

    I got a call from the excavating contractor yesterday around noon, “We’re about an hour away from being done.” So, when I got off work, I went up to the land, and he was done. He had to bring in a lot of shale/clay/rock – the right side toward the back had to be elevated a good 3′ in order to get to level. The pad is about 2-3″ from being level – just about as close as you’re going to get doing it this way. The construction crew will bring the building to level.

  4. nannyboz

    first cup of coffee.  We took Sadie back to the vet yesterday, she didn’t pee for two days!  We know because she was in our bathroom again after two more “accidents”.  They kept her over night to do more testing early today.  UA was normal and when she peed there it was copious to say the least.  Sumptin’ going on, hope they figure it out.  She’s such a good girl.

  5. blue jersey mom

    It is 16.9 degrees here, and it may be even colder tomorrow. We had a dusting of snow last night. After last year, I had forgotten what winter was like. Bring on the crocuses!

  6. DavidW

    “Highs in the 70’s all week.” That’s what it said in the Post this morning. I assume that means cooler and also perfect? I did get to catch some of the Inauguration highlights yesterday. I liked the speech, the poet, and the dances last night the best. My car is back in the shop, where I left it yesterday so really hoping it’s nothing serious. Had the rack and pinion replaced last month but it’s still leaking oil. I’m hoping it’s just a loose screw someplace. In the meantime I hope to start painting again tonight, I scheduled a solo show Friday for September down in Ft Lauderdale and need some work to fill up the walls.  

  7. DeniseVelez

    brrrrrr.  Can’t stay long – have to finish writing today’s Bkos.  Will cross-post my section here later today.

    Need more coffee – bbl.  

  8. Getting ready to take my niece to work.

    I have a question for the people here. Over at the GOS in the more sane Street Prophets area I host the Thursday Coffee Hour and Sunday All Day Brunch. Would people be interested in my cross posting those diaries over here?

  9. Portlaw

    degree Manhattan. Feel so sorry for the trees and plants that were misled by the warming trend of the last few weeks.

  10. iriti

    …which as trs stated is 18 headed for a high of 21…and it’s not just the freakin’ poison ivy I’ve got. It’s the freakin’ poison ivy I’ve got when it’s so freakin’ cold!

     photo weather-reporter-dog.jpg

    Probably going to have to go to the doc today. Dunno why I can’t shake the poison ivy on my own much of the time, but typically I can’t. I have the dubious distinction of being the only sibling in my family that has not been hospitalized by poison ivy, but that is probably dumb luck more than anything – I’ve had some humdingers of cases. We’re all pretty susceptibl in my family.

  11. dear occupant

    oh man, seriously bone chillin’ cold here on the lakefront, 30mph winds make it feel -20. AACCHH!

    best 2 things about today:

    i do believe we have inherited another orange to purple peep, another great writer. i won’t spoil the surprise but i like to think i gave a tiny nudgenudge yesterday in a short conversation on the Daily Downer.

    my sig over there;

    I prefer pie on a plate, sometimes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    and wouldn’t you know it, i woke up this morning to the most beautiful, cinnamon dusted, homemade apple pie with 58 small holes in the crust.

    my wife decided against sticking so many candles in such a perfect crust.

    she was right as always. YUUUUUM!

    carry on.

  12. tonyahky

    have to go anywhere this morning. On a positive note, the models seem to be in agreement that this weekend may finally be our chance to get some snow!  

  13. Jk2003

    Cold here.  High around 10. Lots of sunshine though so that is nice.  It would help if we had had two or three inches of snow on the roof for a bit of insulation but no such luck.

    Kids and I have to make a milk and fruit run this AM then we are going to bake something today. Maybe soft pretzels.  We’ll see.

    Also considering a first diary during naptime, nothing special, just a discussion on small ways to take action.  Hope to see you there once I publish.  

    Have a great day!

  14. pittiepat

    where they have had masses of snow this year.  They do not live near the main road (which has been cleared) but their street, and cars, are buried.  She is a psychiatric/visiting nurse and has to get to her job by bus today.  Unfortunately, the closest bus stop is 3 miles away.  She will not have a fun morning, nor will she be have an easy time getting to her clients.

  15. slksfca

    …not bad enough to complain about. And there’s a weird lavendar sky outside that’s turning to pink as sunrise approaches. Pretty, but weird.

    Good morning, peeps!

  16. slksfca

    …doesn’t give my comment(s) a big fat “fierce” within the next twenty minutes, everyone here should be on notice that she’s still in the grips of a lazy funk.

    She may call it “attending to clients’ needs,” but don’t be fooled, people. Don’t be fooled. ;-p

  17. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Little on nippy side here, but heading off to a nice finish with the temps still warming…Upper 70’s on Thurs! Lots to accomplish today.

    Not on my to do list is another trip to the GOS…I’m so saddened by the constant bickering over there. I support KosAbilities and number of other groups, but aside from that I’m pretty well done with DK. There was actually a nasty comment made in the last KosAbilities diary. Unreal. Another great purge is likely to begin soon, though I seriously doubt it will do much to end ugliness. It’s cool to disagree, fine to discuss those difference. But when did it become necessary for one party to surrender their point view or be declared some sort of sick sub-human species for a simple difference of opinion? It’s either all or nothing. Makes zero sense.

    This is where I do the Scarlet O’Hara thing and declared I will not cry and after all tomorrow is another day. So I won’t worry about the GOS any longer and instead be happy in purple country and hope for more friends to experience the orange to purple conversion.

  18. Gonna be in the mid 70’s this week to probably raining over the next weekend.  Did everyone see the Moon and Jupiter kissing last night?  It was scandalous they really should have gotten a room.

  19. Ebby

    First day of the Spring semester here at work…  ack!  If I missed your comment please consider yourself “fierced.”  

  20. cassandracarolina

    Good morning, meese! Hello, it’s me!

    A Great Orange Satan refugee

    I spent a few good years there, but

    The time has come; my ties are cut

    True moderation those folks shun

    Like mad dogs snarling in the sun

    It isn’t safe for man nor beast

    (Well, it’s not safe for me, at least!)

    I did not want a thicker skin

    For times when pie fights would begin

    I did not want to just “buck up”

    Drink poison Kool-Aid from the cup

    And watch as more great people leave

    (And others laugh instead of grieve)

    That dark orange place will be just fine

    They’ve got their mission; I’ve got mine

    To find my diaries a home

    Be they long prose or witless poem

    So here I am, on purple shores

    Delighted to walk through your doors

    Dear occupant has met my boat

    With such a kindly welcome note

    So many friends have come before

    (From what I’ve seen, there will be more)

    I love to write and love to share

    With kindly folks who truly care

    Progressive-minded folks who see

    How marvelous the world could be

    I’m glad to be among the “meese”

    A place of thoughtfulness and peace

    I’ll write a bunch, just like before

    Like tales about the dinosaur

    Or lim’ricks wrapping up the news

    Cassandracarolina’s views

    On this and that, with just a spark

    Of humor, sarcasm, and snark

    So thank you for that bread-crumb trail

    I feel I’ve found the holy grail!

    I’ll craft a diary for you

    Later this week, my Motley crew!

  21. pittiepat

    she is so remote no one is handy to help in this situation.  She’s actually pretty close to her work (less than 20 miles) but she is deep into the country.  She’ll make it and arrive at work with her usual big smile.

  22. raina

    Remember a year ago I mentioned in JT how frustrated I was with finding out which doctors are covered under the vision benefits of my insurance plan? I even had a nurse make calls on my behalf and got no where, called and visited optometerists at random who were listed in the doctors directory provided by my insurance company, and still got nowhere. No information in the handbooks or on the website.

    So, I went to humana’s website last week, and posted a question to the help forum and they gave me a number to call. Talked to them a while ago and they’re mailing me a list of doctors. At last!!! I need new glasses, and while I could pay out of pocket if I had to, I gots me insurance, and I’z not paying. LOL.

    Jeez Louise, make it easier for people to get that information, would ya?  

  23. LauraFall

    up very late the last two nights. For a year now I’ve been working on a “block of the month” quilt. A very detailed one, the most complicated I’ve ever done.

    It is now finished, at least the top. Now to quilt and bind it.

    It warmed up a lot here today, a whole 13 degrees.

  24. wordsinthewind

    this morning, some days it seems better for me to keep my thoughts to myself. Usually if I’m successful they will take a turn for the pleasant so it’s worth the effort to stay silent until that happens.  

  25. Avilyn

    Bill/Commonmass has a diary up Here on GOS.  GMB02 is in the ICU & on a respirator.  Bill has asked for him to be kept in thoughts and prayers. Thought people here who don’t get there very often might want to know; wasn’t sure if I should just put a comment about this or post a brief diary, but wanted to get the word out.

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