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Sad News

Hey gang…I know that many of you do not visit dKos, however, I thought that some of you might want to visit to comment/give last repects to/for Translator (Doc).

According to the top rec’d diary written by an old friend of Translator’s, he has taken his own life.

I have seen him around dKos for years…I’m sure I’m not the only one.

His every comment ending with “Warmest regards, Doc”

His profile picture of him wearing a Dr Who (Tom Baker incarnation) scarf.

His profile stating “Too romantic for my own good. When I love, I love deeply.”

His diaries…on science, music, random musings and yes, some that were sad (and now seem even sadder).

As a sad cap to a very contentious weekend on dKos (flame wars over Gun Control ran rampant) seems he used a gun to take his life.

He struck me as a kind, eccentric older man…and his presence and quirkiness on dKos will be missed.

Just thought that some of you may want to know.

I am sitting here hoping that it is somehow a hoax…but, it has the ring of truth to it. My heart goes out to his family and friends (especially to the young child he took under his wing that he has written of so often).

Just another time where I am reminded to work at always being kind, even over the internet, because you never know what the person on the receiving end is dealing with.

R.I.P. Doc

Dr. David W. Smith

/hugs to all

“One day, I’ll come back. Yes, I’ll come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine” -Dr. Who


  1. nannyboz

    toxicity there is so profound it’s a scary thing to think of commenting on the self inflicted death of a good guy.  May he RIP, eternally.  Thanks Kysen.

  2. LauraFall

    There have been so many who have reached out to help him and my heart aches for them tonight, and his loved ones.

    His suffering has ended, yet sadly it’s just begun for many.  

  3. sricki

    familiarity with the name and a vague recollection that I might recognize him from science-related diaries.

    Still makes me feel ill.

    I did not really know Translator, and I have not walked his path. I do not know exactly how he suffered or why or for how long. His passing brings me tremendous sorrow despite these things. Because his pain was great.

    I’m sorry you hurt.


  4. melvin

    I enjoyed his take on things very much. But he clearly suffered from major depression over long periods of time. Life is not always kind.

    And 55 isn’t that old.

  5. Free Jazz at High Noon

    His diary essays were so eclectic, yet always so well-informed, enthusiastic, and… gentle.

    I will miss him.  

  6. justme

    Some years ago and all online, and this comes as no surprise to me. I cut off the friendship due to his drinking, and I always sensed this or something equally horrible lay right beneath the surface. I’ve been following him on Kos for months now because I’ve been very concerned about his relationship with The Girl and have been hoping my screaming instincts were wrong.

    This is a tragic ending to a deeply troubled life. I just hope he’s found some peace, but I wish he could have found that peace in some other way. 🙁

  7. iriti

    Just from reading some of his diaries, but he seemed like a sensitive but wonderful soul.

    Condolences to all who knew and cared for him. Suicide can be such a painful, devastating way of losing someone, leaving those who knew the deceased always wondering “what else could I have done.”


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