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I write quite frequently over at the GOS. Rarely however are the diaries political. I have been active in Street Prophets and do their Thursday Coffee Hour and Sunday All Day Brunch. I also write for caregivers regarding my experience of being caregiver for my Mom. I have written in the Grieving Room about coming to grips with my brother’s sudden death. I write a food diary called Breaking Bread with my recipes. I also write occasionally book diaries. I also do some craft diaries. Would the people here be interested in my posting some, all, or none of the above over here?  


  1. Heck Yes, MOOOOOOSE YES, Affirmative, positive, do it, no but really you can’t know if you write something that will inspire a thought that can move mountains specially if it’s about something so real and powerful as dealing with loss, heck I hear that one of the ways to live longer is to be good at that.  

    I wrote a UFO series on GOS and didn’t give a darn and there are really mean people over there I had someone threaten to break my arms in one of my UFO diaries.  There are no mean moose please share your thoughts.

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