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Nurse Kelley Sez: Any interest in menopause, Moosqueteers?

Today’s KosAbility diary is written by the funny lady Clytemnestra. Here’s the link:…

If you missed last week’s offering on post-polio syndrome, I regret to inform you that parts of the diary were plagiarized, a first for our group. The writer has been banned and the post removed.

Clytemnestra, on the other hand, is completely original – in more ways than one!


  1. iriti

    I am not going over their at all; eventually if the diarist gives permission would you consider cross-posting the KosAbility diaries over here?

  2. tonyahky

    My periods have certainly changed over the last year or so–they are now extremely heavy–I have had some days when it was so bad I couldn’t leave the house. I’ve experienced soreness in my boobs, and I’ve taken some spells in which I also have quite a bit of pain in my joints (also have a touch of rheumatoid arthritis) in the days right before my period. My mom went through menopause when she was in her 40’s, and I’m 42 now.  

  3. Jk2003

    Have had two kids.  Not having anymore.  Hell yes I am interested in menopause.  Since my son was born and I finished nursing him my periods are nearly unbearable.  Cannot leave the house for two days every month.  The end of this sounds heavenly.  I know, I know there are issues but on those trapped days I lose all perspective.

  4. raina

    went through night sweats and hot flashes hell. I still get them periodically, but not as often as before. What really brought me to my knees was the chronic nausea. My two sisters experienced the same thing. Something to do with a drop in progesterone, I’m told. Estroven is all I took, and for nausea, Emetrol, or the generic form of it, for a long time until I discovered ginger capsules or tea really helped.

  5. mapamp

    I’m calling the doc tomorrow, as I had been period-free for almost a year, but last Sunday began what I thought was spotting and what turned into full fledged period. My biggest concern is that the bleeding is still going on-not a lot, but what there happens to be is bright red.

    I’m thinking something isn’t right, and I’m really not looking forward to finding out what that might be.

  6. Avilyn

    I’m in my mid-thirties, no interest in having kids; my periods are normally hell, although on the pill they’re manageable.  I cannot wait until the day when all those parts stop working.

  7. melvin

    My mother otoh was swinging from the rafters. At the time I was quite young, and only knew she had gone haywire. It was really very frightening.

  8. wordsinthewind

    and then when all the news started looking bad I bit the bullet and stopped. I think my life is easier post menopause, but I wouldn’t want to dismiss the problems getting there. The hot flashes were the worst. As I told my dr., how would I know if got MORE moody?  So you’d have to ask my husband about that, my familiarity with the happy middle is flashing by it on my way from one extreme to the other.

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