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Saturday Morning Moose Check In – Miscellaneous Moose Musings

Be sure and let your peeps know where to find you.

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I would like to welcome you if you are new to the Moose. Feel free to walk around and check out your new digs. Feel free to comment at any time or continue lurking as you will.  Kysen has left us all a Welcome Mat Part Duex to help us get around easier.

JanFab has written out some instructions to help.

The big stuff:

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The most important rule around here is

Be kind to each other… or else.

In other words, if you don’t want it said to you, then don’t say it to someone else. Respect is an important thing. If you feel the need to not respect, then step away and take a breath. Political debate can be both spirited and respectful.

For those of you lurking and being shy, no reason to be nervous. Drop us a comment and start making your Moose Tracks. No time like the present.

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  1. Khloe

    Many of us Newbie Moose have been blogging together for a lot of years. We have traditions that I feel are important to continue. The one I would like to talk about today is the size 4 thong. When a person participates in pootie diaries, occasionally they come up with something just funny or twisted enough to merit an award. Often just showing up and blogging day after day, year after year, merits the same award. The award, in the past, has been a size 4 orange thong. It doesn’t matter what size you are, or what sex you are(we are a big tent community), I guarantee you it will fit(virtual awards are like that). As Court Jester in the Realm of The Royal Pootie Queen, I would like to make one change to the tradition. All awards past and future are now size 4 purple thongs. So let it be written…. so let it be done.

    Size 4 thong photo Size4thong.jpg

  2. I am all for Honoring The Old Ways but, alas, a size 4 thong (in any color) is a bridge too far.

    It is 37 degrees in Madison WI. Wind advisory this afternoon: 25 to 30 mph gusting to 45 mph.

    Back with an LOL as soon as I start my second pot of coffee.

  3. Khloe

    Bay City, Michigan. We have already reached our high for today. 17 tonight with rain and snow in the middle. I really wish it would make up it’s mind.

    An ear worm to help your day along.  😉

    I will survive photo Iwillsurvive.jpg

  4. DavidW

    When I was in high school and college, I worked at a sign shop in Minneapolis. One fall a girl I worked with got a case of Peeps at a salvage store on the corner down the street from the sign shop. She gave me a box of them, I ate a couple, read the ingredients and threw the rest of them outside. They ended up on the parking lot asphalt and it snowed, covering them up. Cars parked on them all winter, it would snow and thaw, and snow and thaw and in the spring the snow and ice melted and the peeps were slightly flattened from the cars and snow but still the same color. They are indestructible! And they make me smile ever since. I’m emailing that picture with the Klingons to her now. Oh and it’s summer here again in South Florida. After getting near 50 Thursday night, the low was 68 last night.

  5. DeniseVelez

    Found a dead possum on the road in front of the house – the same size as the one that was inhabiting my kitchen …it may be our visitor (we left the back door open two nights in a row)

  6. blue jersey mom

    It is just under 24 degrees here in the Trenton/Princeton area. Much too cold for me. I just want to say that I am so glad to be here and to see so many of you here.

  7. iriti

    And happy first check-in diary, K! Watch this space on Monday for my first attempt.

    Currently 32 degrees in the Shenandoah Valley, heading for 54 this afternoon. By Tuesday, predicted high only in the low 20’s, which may not seem bad to most of you, but is a cold day here.

    Exciting day at Casa trs & iriti. This morning we meet the excavator who is going to grade our driveway, then level and put shale on a pad for trs’ workshop. Then off to order the workshop.

    For budgetary reasons, we are using a 16′ x 24′ shed type building which trs will wire & insulate. It’ll have a window AC and baseboard electric heat. Once the well & septic are in, we’ll add a tiny bathroom with toilet & shower, then put the shop sink right outside it.

    It’s not the house yet, but it’s a start!

    Trying to type with Lydia and a laptop both on my lap is exciting. Like this but more so.

     photo graphjam_cat_sm.png

  8. trs

    I survived the water line work yesterday. I was wrong about the gas line – it wasn’t 3′ away from where we had to dig. When the utility marking folks came out yesterday, we found out it went directly across where we had to dig, about 6″ from the side of the house. No avoiding it. So, we dug to within a foot of it with the backhoe, and I dug the rest by hand while my coworker continued digging the trench with the machine. For future reference, gas lines around here are buried around 14″ deep, and ideally, water lines are 32″ deep or deeper. That way they’re below the frost line here and not as likely to freeze. However, the ground around here is shale – a lot of shale – so it’s a bit more difficult to get that deep – but we managed.

    I will add this… I am sore today!  

  9. nannyboz

    in Wilmington, NC.  My size 4 purple thong will not keep me warm today!  Heard from Horsefeathers, she is overwhelmed with new computer stuff to learn and says she’ll be here soon to turn Andy loose at the Moose.

  10. Jk2003

    I need your good thoughts today.  We have three showings of the house.  Lets get this thing sold already.  It is a wonderful hundred year old bungalow.  Who wouldnt want it?  Hope you all have a great day.

  11. SheltieMan

    …As well as a fan of the annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama contest!

    Dink kept some chick/noodles and saltines down today…some improvement. 🙂 He’ll be at the vet for the morning, then home for the weekend. My RN wife will be giving him his injections and sub-q fluids until Monday.  

  12. The lake level website had been stuck for a few days so my estimates of the water rise since the rain hit can be revised in a stunning direction:

    27′ in four days. And given the visible rise since yesterday’s reading it can be safely called 30′ in less than five.

    That is a jaw-dropping 3 billion tons of water dumped into the lake.

    …and still rising.

  13. Snow still on the ground but not too much of it.

    I’m probably going to be on the computer all day working on the Holidays That Might Get Overlooked page on Facebook that my niece started but doesn’t have time to do any more.

    Other then that I’m doing laundry. I must “thank” my little helper Pixie for all of her wonderful “help” in trying to change the sheets so I could wash them. I don’t know how I ever managed to do anything without her “help” but I sure would like to try. 😉

     photo PixieHeadOn2Small-7.jpg

  14. wordsinthewind

    and heading towards a really nice warm up. The best part is that it looks like the wind won’t be “getting up” as they say out here. Keep in mind anything less than 20 mph is considered a light breeze so when folks out here admit it’s windy most people would describe it as howling.

  15. slksfca

    …with a thin wash of pink cirrus clouds smeared across the heavens. Cold but not miserably so.

    Happy Saturday to all!

    p.s. The best thing about a virtual thong is that it cracks one up, rather than being up one’s crack.

  16. Lorinda Pike

    Sorry I was remiss in checking in last week, but I was actually doing work, and couldn’t hang out nearly as much as I would have liked.

    (When one is self-employed, you take any work you can get…)

    Sunny and 61 today for the deep South, after our week of cold rain and a parting dump of four inches of snow. The snow didn’t last long, but some neighborhood kids young enough to have never seen snow had an absolute blast while it was there!

  17. princesspat

    Good morning everyone. My west coast day is just beginning….I’m watching Melissa Harris Perry and smelling the coffee.  

  18. Avilyn

    Got to sleep in this AM; good, I needed it.  Don’t really want to go out in the cold, but the spousal-unit needs new glasses, so we have an eye appt this afternoon.  Maybe it’ll have warmed up by then.  I need to get my coffee, then I’ll come back and play in the comments a bit.

  19. Moozmuse

    morning and more forecast for tomorrow. Turning colder mid-week. I rushed out today to catch up on shopping and stock up some as long as the roads were clear. Stores are still closed Sundays in Germany, but the hours open these days are a vast improvement of what it was like even 10 years ago. For working women it was a disaster, so I’m not complaining about not being able to shop Sundays.

  20. 1864 House

    It’s 35 on the west coast of Wisconsin and expected to be up in the 40s before the frigid sub-zero temps arrive tonight. I’m going to be out and about running errands today.

    And then I have my work holiday party tonight. There is a “black and white” theme and we’re all supposed to dress in black and white. I have lots of black clothing but nothing white and warm. Worse yet – my spouse’s party is next week and the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary so we’re all supposed to wear silver. They’re a more free-spirited bunch than my workplace. I borrowed a silvery grey sequined dress from my daughter and am trying to decide if I’m brave enough to wear it. The other option I was considering was making a duct tape dress.

  21. Nurse Kelley

    It’s a lazy, lazy Saturday for me. (It is Saturday, isn’t it?) I’m going to wash my thongs and play with my Peeps today. 🙂

  22. SheltieMan

    He’s a little more energetic and even half-heartedly tried to jump into the car. 🙂 He hasn’t tried that since all this started.

    He does sleep a lot, but he’s done that for years anyway. I figure that he’s earned it just by making it to 15 y/o (rough human equivalent 90 y/o). He does like his attention, but not so much right now.  

  23. Moozmuse

    happy to provide what advice they can. They are both very experienced in pet health matters, from different approaches.

    General comment to any tech people here:

    Thunderbird Woman Aji tried to log in (she found her password), but it didn’t seem to work. She can read but not post, so if anyone can help figure out the problem, please let her know by e-mail. Her addy (which I have permission to post) is:

    ajijaakwe (at) gmail dot com

    She gets loads of mails, so if anyone sends her one, put something in the subject line that will catch her eye. In the last one I wrote in all caps:


    It helped, because she answered.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. JG in MD

    This is me dropping in randomly. Post first, read what’s gone before after that, lots of oopses. So far I feel okay with my inside-outness here. I will go back now and read.

    I want to post a picture in a comment. I will zip around the FAQs and such to find out why.

  25. tonyahky

    check it out. Lots of familiar names–so this is where everybody has been! Very laid back and chilled out place–I like it. Had a bit of technical trouble using the site at first, but the kind admins here have got it straightened out.

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