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Thursday Morning Moose Check-in and Open Thread for the Meeses

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Yesterday’s Daily F Bomb from Floja Roja.

Last night’s Overnight News Digest from jlms qkw.

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  1. Khloe

    26 degree and dropping. It will hit 10 this evening. I don’t have the heart to check the wind chill. Only one thing could cheer me up today.


  2. nannyboz

    turns today.  Low of 26 predicted for the day after tomorrow :(.  It was great while it lasted.

    Does anyone know if Denise caught the opossum?

  3. trs

    Looks like the frozen precipitation will miss us, which makes me happy. Yesterday was a plumbing day for me – had to replumb a drain on a sink, change the hot and cold water lines on the faucet for said sink (they were reversed – not a pleasant surprise for some unsuspecting person), and change out the fill valve on a toilet. Have I mentioned I hate plumbing? Give me electricity to play with any day.

  4. iriti

    Currently 39 degrees with a high of 41. Unfortunately, the high of 41 was 2 hours ago, with temperatures now plumeting. We seem to have misplaced the yellow orb that once inhabited our daytime sky. Has not been seen for weeks, or so it seems. Do you have our orb? We’d like it back please, no questions asked.

    Jan F: do you need folk to post the check-in either occasionally or one day a week to give you a break? ::Waves hand to volunteer::


  5. on Douglas Lake, TN, which has risen over 7 feet in two days (or 315 tons of water, for those following the math).

    The water is back in our bay, the converted swim platform-now boathouse is floating again.

    Water level pic at 9am and 3pm yesterday, and 8am today:

    Kids are off school again for another flood day. Heavy snow forecast starting at 3pm, the Narional Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning

    Rain will change to snow Thursday morning. Periods of heavy snow are possible with snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches possible. Locally heavier amounts across the highest terrain, generally at or above 5,000 feet.

    Those in low-lying areas are already wringing out their carpets, shop-vacs are all gone from local rental locations.

  6. wordsinthewind

    we’re enjoying a warm up for the next few days. It’s already time to start prepping the garden beds here, we’re such hopeless optimists we plant a garden every year right here in the desert. So about one year out of four we get a good crop. That’s enough to keep us trying it seems.  

  7. SheltieMan

    Dink is back at the vet for IV fluids. He seemed a little more animated today and kept his med bread down (so far). He did refuse his I/D and some rice.

    We have a consult with our vet at 1pm to see where to go from here.  

  8. jlms qkw

    this is considerably colder than forecast.  i have both kids going to school today, yay.  she is hardly coughing at all.  she did try to hint that she was not well enough to reboot the laundry and i laughed at her.  

    he is doing a bit better – more appetite, slightly better mood.  

  9. BlueStateRedhead

    The Mitt Romney official MA electoral address lies as the Crow files not that many miles away from me. Wonder whether he will be there, and what he will be doing come this true and civic celebratory inauguration day.

    Can’t be talking to GI and GII who are both honorary co-chairs of the Inauguration. Maybe hunting varmints in NH….He’ll need his MITTENS.

  10. Lorinda Pike

    in Jackson, Mississippi.

    Sun is shining, and the snow will be gone by this evening, most likely. And snow is nicer than the six days of no sun/cold rain we just finished dealing with, so there’s that.

    But still.

  11. bubbanomics

    busy day today… two classes and two strategic planning meetings.  yikes.  at least it’s hot buttered rum day.

  12. Nurse Kelley

    The sun is rising over the Rockies and it’s a balmy 21° on Pikes Peak. I just read the comments and see Dee hasn’t checked in. That’s worrisome.

  13. slksfca

    The dawn is just now breaking here. Cold, but not bone-chilling. Plan for today: tackle housework, especially kitchen and bedroom. Living room and bathroom can wait another day…

  14. raina

    low was 28 when I went to sleep, so scientifically it IS freezing. So there.

    Bright and sunny right now, warming up to 60. I think I’m going to smoke my polish sausage early, and just reheat it, instead of doing it later this afternoon when it’s likely to be colder.  

  15. ursoklevar

    Recently I did something I’ve wanted to do all my life. I ate an entire package of bacon all by myself. Extraordinarily gratifying.


    Busy day for the goggies. Em and Pea need their annual checkups and shots. Poor Em does not respond well to vet visits (barks hysterically and attempts to bite everything in sight), so she will have to be drugged before we go.

  16. LeftOverFlowerChild

    But as an old friend told me, busy is a good problem to have…beats wishing you had something to do.

    The kiddo’s swab came back clean, no flu! Just a head cold thank goodness. He’s home, rest and plenty of fluids today, back to school tomorrow.

    Housework and finishing up a few projects on the rest of the agenda. So glad the weather is warmer! Course I’ll be wishing for these cold temps come August when one of those triple digit day marathons get ramped up!

  17. princesspat

    It’s a sunny 28° and finally a restful day for me. The combination of cleaning up the mess caused by buying a new refrigerator, moving the old ones, and caring for my grand girls has made me weary so a morning of reading and music is most welcome.

    This article in The Seattle Times is interesting….

    A cure for social ills? Prevention

    UW researcher is a leader in showing how prevention techniques can pay off in curing social problems.

    Researchers such as Hawkins and Catalano identified factors that contribute either to positive behaviors and outcomes for young people or negative ones.

    They and others in the field designed and tested interventions and built programs around the ones that got results. Now the challenge is to build systems to address the needs of entire communities, and the first step is to tell people who may have become jaded by past failures that data-driven solutions exist.

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