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Those of you who already either know me or know of me know that I am a massive pootie person. We  moved into an apartment and now have a pootie, named Princess Ashley; however I grew up with both cats & dogs and I love both. I do not discriminate against any animal & love animal photos of all kinds. Please enjoy the following and add any photos that you think the community would like to see. Now, enjoy the photos & have some fun.

I would like to thank the ICHC website for the majority of these photos.

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketCoded by BirderWitch

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  1. Nurse Kelley

    Tommy haz a mad. I took him to the vet yesterday when the temperature was 10° and it was snowing.

    Pffft. I put the carrier in front of the fireplace to get it nice and toasty, filled it with warm pootie pads, and put a heated disc underneath the pootie pads.

    I’ve never seen a fat nekkid kitteh before!

  2. HappyinVT

    I would have had one pissed-off, hungry, thirsty pootie and likely a mess or two to clean up had I not realized he wasn’t on the bed.

    (I would have laughed about it too because I am a bad human being.)

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