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Nurse Kelley Sez: Should I share this here?

Many of you know that I moderate a blog for the disabled and their families/loved ones on another site. I can’t cross-post most of them here because most are written by guest writers, but if there is much interest I can provide a link each Sunday with a brief description of the topic. Today’s topic, for example, is post-polio syndrome.

Weigh in, Moosketeers! What say you?

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  1. Nurse Kelley

    I had a simple yes/no poll attached to this post, but it seems I have a lot to learn about drafting in purple. 🙂

  2. Nurse Kelley

    Rather than link to her comment, here it is:

    I don’t like the way you all bash doctors.

    I tried to tell a patient who had had polio that her shortness of breath, inability to take a deep breath, was due to neuromuscular weakness from past polio.  She had difficulty believing or accepting this.  Though she had a little valvular heart disease, her shortness of breath was out of proportion to the valve problems.

    Please don’t label all physicians the same.  Also I am an MD, and our local DO medical students don’t seem to want to interview patients closely.  I agree with many that patient history is key to diagnosis, not just a bunch of tests.

    I ignored it for over an hour, but then I said this:

    It does sound that way, doesn’t it?

    It also sounds like you’re not one of the doctors we’re talking about. I know lots of fine and gifted physicians and I’ve written about some of them.

    However, this is a blog for the disabled, and we have collectively had some horrific experiences at the hands of your profession. It would be more helpful, I think, if you would address that pressing matter – either here, or among your colleagues.

    Our lives depend on it.

    Is the medical community really that blind to what some of them are doing? If so, does that make them part of the problem, too?

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