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Saturday Morning Moose Check-in and Open Thread for the Herd

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

If you are new to the Moose, Kysen left a Moose Welcome Mat (Part Deux) so, please, wipe your feet before you walk in the front door start posting.

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For those looking for a second chance to make a first impression, that is very good advice.


Yesterday’s Daily F Bomb (don’t forget to hover over the photos).

See you in the threads!


  1. trs

    40 degrees and foggy here, with an expected high around 60. I’m sitting in Starbucks, about to head to work for my bi-weekly Saturday morning shift.

    We got the building permit for my workshop yesterday. Work on it will begin in the next few weeks, and should be ready to go by summer.  Shell is being put as a shed from a big box lumber store, then electric, insulation, etc., done by us. In the process of brushing up on code updates now.  

  2. We don’t have Top Comments here but I am finding it difficult to resist sharing comments I think that folks should not miss. Share your own “finds” here.

    My nomination, in ragekage’s article The Evil Lie-beral Algebra Conspiracy:

    Al-Gebra is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, so i’m told.

    a recent member was arrested at LAX, entering the country with a compass and straightedge, well-known weapons of math instruction.  The manhunt for Al-Gebra leaders Osuma Bin Addin and Boor Bahki continues.

    by: bubbanomics @ Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 10:55:57 AM CST

  3. Could snow – not a common event in Southern England. I hope it doesn’t disrupt the trains. Off to the Coast – Brighton – where my two sisters live. Partly social visit, partly to interview them for my next book about my dad and Scientology

    Keep warm Moozog, and catch ya on the flip

  4. pittiepat

    come off this afternoon.  Falling temperatures, rain turning to sleet turning to snow.  Perfect! (not snark).  A hot chocolate with Baileys Hazelnut and whipped cream will be in order.

  5. kirbybruno

    Days without an in inch of snow here in the land of Chicago. Looks like we may have another winter without sledding. ::sigh::

    49 going to 48, with a special weather statement: WINTRY MIX INCLUDING LIGHT SNOW ACCUMULATION TONIGHT…

    My 6th grade science tells that the 48 degree low will make the snow part of the difficult. 😉

    Sipping my blazing hot coffee out of my brand spankin’ new mug. I drink my coffee cafe au lait style, so I need a big mug, and belive it or not it is hard to find big mugs without sayings or flowers. Target has these fantastic mugs in great colors for only $1.50, and they are very heavy, not flimsy at all. Score!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  6. About to go have a coffee and Carolans with Donna sitting on the upper deck.

    Since moving here in August we have identified or created coffee and Carolans (better than Baileys, more creamy/less sharp) locations.

    – First thing in the morning is the upper deck next to the living room. Two bar chairs and the railing as a table and you can look down onto the bay. When the leaves are gone, like now, you can see through the trees on the other peninsula and out into a larger chunk of water.

    – In the afternoon, particularly when it is hot, the deck of the office I built is perfect. The trees on the south side shade it.

    – In the evening right down by the water (now dirt, but the water will return) I carved a flat spot into the hill big enough for four chairs and two small tables. The angle is just right to look down the bay to where it opens up, and the sunset lights up the water wonderfully.

    – At night on the floating boathouse, with the christmas lights providing a soft glow and sparkling the ripples, surrounded by the inscrutable gaze of turtles.

  7. SheltieMan

    The good news is that it’s supposed to make it into the 60’s today and tomorrow. The bad news is that it’s now supposed to rain all weekend. (sigh)  

  8. melvin

    Bit of a shock coming down from 55 two days ago. My artichokes may not care much for it. Otherwise all is well in pot smokin, gay marryin WA state.

    I won’t be all that active here. Trust me, that is for the best.

  9. pamelabrown

    60 degrees in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with a high of 77. Sunny and beautiful, blue skies. Squirrel knocked down my window bird feeder but all is well: had oral surgery on Tues. (on top of a cold).  This is the first day I feel human…no more posting high from painkillers!

  10. Via Chicago

    Checking in from Daniel’s Bagels on 3rd Ave in NYC today. All is well. Forty something and cloudy. Wet concrete but I think the rain is over for awhile and we’ll be up into fifties later.

    Headed for a run in the park in a bit.  

  11. OHL!  With his OHL! he is now a bona fide member of the International Consensus of Husbands (ICH).   For negotiating the secret trial of passing up fun his wife endorsed for the detection of the LOOK OF ULTIMATE DEATH (the detection of LOUD is the final step!) he is now a member in good standing. By detecting that LOUD and acting appropriately to it he is now a member of the ICH lifer track division with all rights and privileges associated including but not limited to sleeping without hearing backhanded snark whispered in your ears.

    ICH: Cause we knows you aint happy if your wife ain’t recognizing landmines for millenia!

  12. dear occupant

    love me sum Saturday morning, don’t care what the weather is ‘cuz i’m not leaving the house. might not even leave tomorrow and i’ll consider whether i will on Monday.

    i enjoy doing all the household chores, putting everything back in it’s place and getting all the ‘have to’s’ over with on Saturday morning. then i can enjoy a guilt-free 3 days of extended hometime to do the millions of things i ‘want to do’.

    carry on.

  13. Nurse Kelley

    Going down to -11 tonight “they” say. Six thousand feet above me, on the summit, the wind chill yesterday was minus 45°. Yikes!

    Company coming from Denver, so I must find a dustrag and clean a bit. Y’all behave today!

  14. 1864 House

    Only 28 now in La Crosse – quite a difference from Madison! Was going to go to “coffee with the neighbors” (a thing a guy in my neighborhood started on Saturdays and Wednesdays at a local coffee shop) but have a headache and feel a little snuffly. With the flu rampaging around I thought it might be prudent to stay home. But I really appreciate his efforts at building community.

    I’ve been having long, epic, cast-of-thousands dreams all week. When that happens it usually means I’m entering a period of change. We’ll see what comes next.

  15. Ebby

    Had to check the hummingbird feeder this morning to be sure the liquid hadn’t frozen.  There are fewer hummers around now, but there are a few making very regular trips to the feeder throughout the day.

    The sun is burning off the fog a bit early — looks like it will be shivery cold but clear today.  Off to feed a friend’s horses, the to another house to do some baking (no oven here).  The afternoon will be spent tackling some brush and blackberries to start a burn pile, and maybe marking out post holes for a fence.

    Wishing you all an excellent day.

  16. Susan Boyle crossed my mind recently and I thought I would look up news on her today. A story on HuffPo recently uses a bit of title-twist to get readership (playing for salacious train-wreck watchers: “Susan Boyle’s Fairytale Career Confronted By Reality” :~P ), but shows a story of a normal person doing well. No fairy tale, no sudden nirvana – but that wasn’t what anyone sane expects in life.

    Despite the chorus of “rigged!” that inevitably sprang up after her success, after three years it still seems to be what it looked like. Someone with talent fortunate enough to get a chance, someone who life had not been entirely kind to.

    Yes, I know the caveats about the trouble the world has. But it has beauty as well, and we choose which we allow to guide us. Life is in total largely what we perceive, whether largely good or largely bad. I see a world that is predominated with good, salted with the bad a cognizant person expects – true – but in lower proportions than any time in history.

    Thank you again, Susan. You are beautiful.

  17. BlueStateRedhead

    If so, its not only dark in the Blue state, it’s grey as in foggy and misty. Not worth checking in for a visit from your other places.

  18. BlueStateRedhead

    although no moose were harmed in making of the comic, plenty of stories about harm that moose do for real. over in the orange swamp. Not the moose, the commenters are over in the orange swamp.  

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