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The Evil Lie-beral Algebra Conspiracy

Here’s quick math quiz for you Moose-folk: Cindy has 25 cookies, the government confiscates 21 of the to redistribute to the poor to win votes for reelection, how many more votes will the government thieves get? If Cindy “donates” 6 cookies to a election campaign, how many votes will Cindy get to give her a tax break?

Give up? Well, you’re in luck, because Fox Business host Eric Bolling is here to infrom us all of President Obama and the evil teacher’s unions’ sinister plot for “‘pushing the liberal agenda’ for teaching an algebra lesson about the distributive property”. Yes, we need to beware of the evils of the “distributive property of multiplication”- as opposed to, I guess, the “christian capitalist property of multiplication”.

Don’t even get me started on the outrage of dividing a sum.

Bolling and his co-hosts, who apparently are all fans of early 90’s alternative/folk rock band Crash Test Dummies, spent several minutes commiserating on the indoctrination that their children (and all God-fearing children, really) face in public school- such as the history books publishing semi-treasonous textbooks “saying George Bush went in there because he heard there were weapons of mass destruction and they were never found”. Or that climate change has a basis in science.

Co-host Greg Gutfield, whose head did not explode from a cognitive dissonance-induced aneurysm, also noted that “I think the only way leftism can survive is through indoctrination because its number one adversary is reality.”

Presumably, President Obama and the teachers unions were unable for comment, as they were preparing for the next wave of their insidious campaign to undermine America’s youth- unleashing radicals onto an unwitting public!

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  1. This n00bie would like to know that.

    Your post reminds me of this parable that I heard repeated often during the Wisconsin protests:

    A unionized public employee, a teabagger, and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookies, then looks at the teabagger and says “Watch out for that union guy- he wants a piece of your cookie!”

  2. mapamp

    loves math–she is taking advanced math classes and thinks that it is easy!

    I love that she loves math, as I wasn’t nearly as math smart as she is.

    The girls at her school are proud to be math kids. It is so different from when I was a kid and girls weren’t supposed to show they were smart and liked to do things reserved for boys.

    The old white man syndrome is probably fearful that women will begin to understand what they want to hold onto for themselves. They do not like the Elizabeth Warrens of the world that get it and understand how all that math affects all that understanding of money.

  3. Kysen

    wants the ‘little people’ ignorant. They foster ignorance and pimp it as a positive attribute…all while mocking an ‘ivy league education’ (or, really, ANY college education) as somehow being a negative attribute.They have somehow decided to push being ignorant as a badge of honor.

    Sadly, there are o’plenty ignorant folks to applaud such a theory….and enough power hungry ones who, while they know better (and are usually ivy league educated themselves), will continue to tout the glories of ignorance to their base so as to keep (or accrue more) power.

    Winning hearts and minds? More like utting fear into hearts and weakening minds.

    Keep ’em scared and keep ’em stupid.

  4. Morning Joe is my favorite morning news to watch for a few minutes. This morning I caught a wonderful minute or two that gives me hope for the country, the GOP and the topic of guns.

    A liberal cannot say [sic]”Let’s cut through the BS for a minute, can we? The NRA is not a second ammendment supporter, it is a lobby for gun manufacturers. Nobody is coming to take away your guns.” (or words in that ballpark, the clip can come later.

    A former GOP congressman with an A+ NRA rating can.

    Apparently universal background checks has an 85% approval rating, and limiting clip capacity is at 75%. Someone who has no bones about aggressively (often enough to make my teeth hurt) promoting conservative ideals is willing to say flat-out that the GOP is marginalizing itself into irrelevance with this and other extreme positions.

    Democracy continues to work, it seems.  

  5. bubbanomics

    a recent member was arrested at LAX, entering the country with a compass and straightedge, well-known weapons of math instruction.  The manhunt for Al-Gebra leaders Osuma Bin Addin and Boor Bahki continues.

  6. Mnemosyne

    Anyone notice that after you vote the poll realigns itself in order of numbers of votes? Very cool, and makes you pay attention to the choices.

    If the example used in the first paragraph, about cookie distribution, is what the Fox guy actually used, they’re even more stupid than we thought. Because that wasn’t algebra.

    Facepalm, indeed. And these are the same people who will be, are screaming because Americans are falling farther and farther behind the rest of the world in maths and sciences.

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