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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in for Refugees and a Moozacious Open Thread

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

Reminder: Kysen left us a Moose Welcome Mat (Part Deux) so, please, wipe your feet before you walk in the front door start posting.

You are invited to stop in at donnamarie’s Introduction Diary later and let everyone know who you are and what your passions are: politics, pooties, photography, whatevers.

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For those looking for a second chance to make a first impression, that is very good advice.


Yesterday’s Daily F Bomb (don’t forget to hover over the photos).

See you in the threads!


  1. Its the Supreme Court Stupid

    33 right now, going up to 45 (36 is the normal high). We are supposed to have 50s on the weekend!  Weeeee!  Time to break out the swim trunks.

  2. trs

    It’s 30 here in the Shenandoah Valley, with an expected high of 50. Predicting 60’s for the weekend, which I like, because I’ll be working on a doghouse this weekend to match this garage…

    South side finished.

    I did the garage during the fall, but haven’t finished the doghouse yet – life got in the way.

    Off to earn a living. Have a good day, everybody.

  3. 75 degrees, raining, windy.  just finished work and off to take little ones to school.  then i’m going to crash out in bed and watch the last season of Breaking Bad until i fall asleep. 😉

    have a great day and will catch up with you this afternoon.

  4. dear occupant

    temps in the once windy city are in the 20’s and promising to hit a downright balmy 44? it feels odd for January but i’ll take it , nonetheless. not at all a fan of winter, cold, dirty snow…don’t get me started. 🙁

    i have a question about diary writing… when i begin a draft and save it, how do i find it again? oh and btw, i don’t see a place for tags beneath the title.  

  5. ChurchofBruce

    Ah, what a lovely day. Cold as hell and I haven’t had enough coffee yet, but I don’t care.

    I passed the last observation of my practicum!!!!!! (Just in time, because Friday’s the drop-dead date, as spring classes start on Monday :)). So, all I have to do is finish my portfolio, pass my 4 classes this semester, and, in May, I will have a bachelor’s degree in English with a Massachusetts Teaching License.

    Oh, and Thursday’s my 48th birthday 🙂 Better late than never!

  6. Via Chicago

    Gave my first accidental “fail” rating! I guess I don’t know my right from my left yet.  I Changed it, hope it didn’t trigger any sirens or anything.

    It’s around 30 degrees in Chicago right now, mostly clear skies.  Headed up into the mid-forties today, and then in the fifties over the weekend. Creepy.

    Good morning!

  7. wordsinthewind

    it’s cold and cloudy in the desert, we are expecting rain today. We are still in drought although it isn’t nearly as bad as it was a year ago.  

  8. lulu57

    Warmer than usual and cloudy, but a break in the rain today. I am bringing my mother home today (she broke her hip Dec. 15th, and has been in the nursing home/rehab place trying to heal). This is going to be an adventure in who cracks first, me or her 😉 I am only here for 2 more weeks, then I can go home because my daughter will take over. In a battle of stubbornness between my mom and my daughter, my money is on the kid. She’s fierce! 🙂

    So now I need to go make coffee and try to get enough energy to assemble a tub bench. Then grocery shopping, then pick up mom, bring her home, plop her down somewhere safe, and take a nice long nap. As Bubba would say, HA HA HA HA HA &c.

    Anybody got a Xanax?

  9. broths

    First full day in the land of the moose.

    We’re spending some time in Disney’s campground in our r.v.  Beautiful day today. 80’s and sunny.

    Hope you all have a great day.  

  10. iriti

    I got a bike-in-potentia for Christmas in the form of a gift-card; went and ordered it Sunday before last. It came in yesterday. We’ll pick it up today.

    It’s not a racing bike or anything – I have to sit somewhat upright for old-lady-creaky-back reasons – but it does have actual suspension and all. At the ripe old age of 50 it’s my very first ever bike-shop bike.

    So stoked!

    Oh, yeah, and it’s cold here. But I plan to ride the damn thing anyway. Because.

  11. raina

    I remembered just a while ago that I was supposed to fast for blood work, already broke it.

    Steady drizzle right now. Worst is supposed to come around noon. They predicted 7″ last night, but amended to 3″ now. Yikes.  

  12. The sun is just peaking over the horizon here, and I’ve been up since my eyes cant stay closed past 5:47 anymore.  Anyone else wake up at the absolute same time everyday?  It’s 45 degrees in my neck of the woods and it looks to be a lovely day.

  13. edwardssl

    It’s supposed to keep getting warmer through the week.

    I started my diet yesterday after gaining 20 pounds over the past 4 months.  People have been bringing in their leftover holiday treats, and it’s really hard to pass them up.  

    Someone even brought in a big bag of malted milk balls.  I have to admit, I don’t know when malted milk balls were ever considered a Christmas holiday treat.  But whether leftover from Christmas or Halloween, they’re calling my name.


  14. Nurse Kelley

    It’s trash day in the Pike National Forest, so I’d better scramble around and haul things out to the street.

    Especially the used litter. [holds nose]

  15. Avilyn

    Followed a few refugees over here yesterday (thanks to those who left links in their comments on that other site).  Just kind of getting my feet wet.  Seeing a lot of familiar faces.  Definitely need more coffee and time to get used to the interface though.

  16. ursoklevar

    For some reason I feel compelled to inform you that I just turned 70 on New Year’s Eve. I needed a little assistance getting to my birthday party, but it was a blast.


  17. In an article from TPM today: Poll: Christie’s Approval Rating In New Jersey Hits 73 Percent:

    The outsized political bump awarded to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) following Hurricane Sandy has not let up, according to a poll released Monday.


    Moreover, 61 percent of New Jersey voters believe the state is on the right track – an impressive figure in the wake of a devastating natural disaster and perhaps an affirmation of Christie’s post-Sandy stewardship.

    The news was depressing (73% … in a “blue” state … WTH??) but the presentation made me chuckle.

  18. BlueStateRedhead


    to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect

    Now given that some of us were training the mystic ways of the orange doo-hickey, I propose a prolonged discussion of whether the definition can be divided into two, to mean


    to change and alter greatly [as a result of ]grotesque effect [elsewhere]


    to change and alter greatly [in search of] humourous effect [elsewhere, as in becoming purple and moosish]

    Bluestateredhead, formerly know as professor of analytical linguistics at a thread formerly resident in the place where oranges grow and pies flourish.

  19. BlueStateRedhead

    Clicking FAQ on bottom of this thread gets nowhere.

    Clicking FAQ on tabs at top of the nowhere message gets to FAQ.

    Does any one know if the tips in the thread expand on the FAQ’s instructions for embeds, edits and the like?

    My learning curve is faster if I can go to a onestop shopping place, especially for embeds.  

  20. i have a million questions.  no idea that others were feeling the burnout or just that sense of things amiss.  i don’t know where to start reading, but thank you SO much for this wonderful, warm, lovely place.

  21. From America’s Finest News Source: Frustrated Wayne LaPierre Thought Murder Of 20 Children By Crazed Gunman Would Have Blown Over By Now:

    Noting that the massacre was “almost a month ago” and that all of the victims had been laid to rest, the frustrated lobbyist said he couldn’t help but think the nation’s continued efforts to mourn victims and its protracted discussions of gun control were “a little much” at this point.

    “I get that this horrible thing happened and all these kids are dead now, but honestly, how long are we going to keep talking about this?” the gun advocate said as he scanned a recent editorial on weapons permits, adding that “enough’s enough, you know?” “Everywhere I go it’s Newtown this, Newtown that. Meanwhile, it’s 2013, and we’re still talking about some shooting that happened last year. Seriously, move on already.”

    Satire that hits too close to home.

    Another take on the NRA: Giffords and Kelly: Fighting gun violence:

    Forget the boogeyman of big, bad government coming to dispossess you of your firearms. As a Western woman and a Persian Gulf War combat veteran who have exercised our Second Amendment rights, we don’t want to take away your guns any more than we want to give up the two guns we have locked in a safe at home. What we do want is what the majority of NRA members and other Americans want: responsible changes in our laws to require responsible gun ownership and reduce gun violence.

    We saw from the NRA leadership’s defiant and unsympathetic response to the Newtown, Conn., massacre that winning even the most common-sense reforms will require a fight. But whether it has been in campaigns or in Congress, in combat or in space, fighting for what we believe in has always been what we do.

  22. Poll: Congress Less Popular Than Root Canals, Nickelback, Donald Trump:

    American voters have a higher opinion of root canals, Canadian rock band Nickelback, head lice, colonoscopies, Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan, France, real estate mogul Donald Trump and cockroaches than they do of Congress.

    Congress, which registered a paltry favorability rating of 9 percent in the survey, is still more popular than telemarketers, ebola, North Korea, troubled actress Lindsey Lohan, communism, meth labs and disgraced former politician John Edwards.

  23. princesspat

    The Long Game, Revisited

    Now that Obama has taken the tax rate issue off the table, all we know about US public opinion and the popularity of entitlements suggests that Obama has strategized to make the American government structurally more progressive, with defense being cut hard. Yglesias, who produced the graph above, notes:

    I recently read David Karol’s Party Position Change in American Politics which reveals that the politics of the defense budget is one of the most frequently flip-flopped non-procedural issues in modern politics. It’s one where party leaders seem relatively unconstrained by constituency group commitments or ideology, and fairly free to engage in freelance gambits of various kinds. So given the gap between current polling and current elite positioning, it’s a place where we might expect to see some surprisingly rapid changes.

    How about back to the levels of Reagan in 1984 at the height of the Cold War, for example?


  24. LeftOverFlowerChild

    My my so much wordy goodness to delve into! I’ve been pursuing the banquet offerings all day…Well in between bouts of getting sewing and crocheting projects/orders done. Nice to have the purple hue world to come to with my tea cup in hand!  

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