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The TRUE identity of the møøse known as SheltieMan…

It’s just me. “Question Authority” from DKos. (Waves) I bailed from there quite some time ago due to all the mudslinging and general mayhem. It got to be more tiresome than fun or interesting.

My real name is Gregg (insert the name of a famous robot from Futurama that tells obnoxious people to “Bite his shiny metal ass” here).

I’m a long term unemployed 50-something with a BS degree in Tech Writing, but no J.O.B. I’ve worked in the airlines as a supervisor and as a tech writer. I’ve also done some IT tech writing work for the government. I live in WV, northwest of DC and west of Baltimore.  

I call myself “SheltieMan” because I’m active in Sheltie Rescue. I have a thing for odd humor, such as Monty Python…hence the “møøse.” I spend a fair amount of time (when not looking for work) on Facebook where I post jokes, afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted and act as a combination jester and smart ass. I take some comfort in the knowledge that the jester can get usually away with speaking the truth to power without losing his head – either in reality or metaphorically.

I don’t believe in the supernatural at all. I think it’s just us, folks. If there’s any saving to be done, we’d better get on with it while we still have time.

So that’s it. Questions will be answered, evaded or ignored in Comments.  


  1. …of British culture, along with Shakespeare, Newton, Tom Paine and Darwin.

    You had me at ‘Monty Python’.

    Welcome sheltie man.

    /breaks into learned-by-heart rendition of ‘I’m a Lumberjack’ followed by the Philosopher’s Song.  

  2. Since we are talking about Monty Python and I do not see SheltieMan anywhere, this seems highly appropriate:

    Back with Sheltie pictures … they are one of my favorite breeds.

  3. Miep

    That’s cool that you work with sheltie rescue. I have a rescue border collie Casey, got him as a yearling in 2006, and a rescue border collie- great Pyrenees mix, three and a half years, who became part of our family last summer. I worked with seven sick kittens last summer, relinquished to the shelter, where they could obviously not stay. I raised them all and got them back to health (upper respiratory infections), and the shelter got them all spayed and neutered, partly with the help of the Santa Fe mobile van that came down in November. Five have been adopted and I kept two, since I had no cats. Great project and left me feeling pretty upbeat about being instrumental in saving the little kittens’ lives and tending them until they could get shots and s/n and microchipped. Some people think cats are fungible, I think every one of them is Somebody. And my dogs are my best buddies. The new one, the Pyr mix, is just a fantastic dog, sweet, easy, loving, well behaved in many ways. He was at the shelter for a month before I offered to at least foster him for awhile, to get him out of there. Our shelter manager was trying very hard to get him adopted or placed in rescue, but it’s hard with large mixed breeds. What a waste if he’d been put down. I would always recommend listening to your shelter staff if you want to adopt from a shelter or a rescue group. They know the animals more than you can from a brief acquaintance.  

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