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  1. ….short diaries/articles because, more often than not, the comments are the main thing. The text above the line is just a pretext to start the conversation

    However, this article is a little bit on the short side 🙂

    No worries though, I suspect this was just a test. If I haven’t said it before – welcome  

  2. dear occupant

    sorry Mooq. i was testing the diary features.

    as JanF says in her sig…

    Words have meaning. Our words will reflect what is in our souls.

    well…i got nuthin’ right now. 🙂

  3. Miep

    several years ago. I never picked up on this one.

    I like your style, y’all. . I can be a mooq. It’s easier to work out a lot of what I want to write in comments. I do good comment.

    As for essays, it would be fun to get back into photoessays. I’ve had some ideas for some time, about putting things together more carefully. I am mostly about thinking about sustainability. I am not too interested in politics on the federal level, aside from being appropriately appalled. I think we should all be thinking about community as much as we can, for so many reasons. I’ve long been interested in heirloom seed cultivation. I’m also always fascinated by any low-tech fixes for anything, including repurposing. I expect we will be mining landfills long after we stop mining the earth.

    Anyway, happy to find you, happy to be here.

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