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GOP suggests making more money, unless we're talking about the USA.

Hey guys, happy to be here, and what a relief it is in terms of tone, friendliness, and just a lack of pessimism and bedwetting. Amazing!

My first contribution…I hope to be at least a minor contributor to this great site’s growth!

Some Meta on Monday for discussion, though I think it’s clear as crystal what they’re up to.

I believe it’s the HEIGHT of hypocrisy whenever I hear a GOP’er say: “Don’t have enough money? Go get a job/second job!” “Go do x so you can make more money at work!” etc etc.

All well and good, assuming that person is capable of doing so…EXCEPT that this line of reasoning goes out the window when we’re talking about our nation.

Below we go.

It’s always the same from them:

I’m not making enough money to get ahead and pay off my loans.

“Go get a second job! Work for it!”

I don’t make enough to support my family.

“Get a second job! Make more money at your current job by doing x,y,z!”

I don’t make enough money to support myself/I have no money.

“Get a job, you lazy bum!”

Except for the insults and invective, this is all fine advice, if that person is CAPABLE of increasing their take.

But why, oh why, does all this go out the window when we’re talking about a country that is struggling financially?

If I had a problem spending more money than I earned, besides saying I should cut expenses, a Republican would say “Make more money.” BUT, don’t raise revenues if we’re talking about our country!

If my town had a tax revenue problem, Republicans would say: “Lower regulations and offer incentives to get people to spend more money!” BUT, don’t allow funds to broke people to spend, if we’re talking about our country!

If I or my town had a debt problem, Republicans would say “Use your savings & retirement and pay it down, pay it down!” BUT, when it comes to our country, don’t you dare touch the epic wealth and income going to the wealthiest of us!

Hypocrisy has always been a hallmark of the Republicans, and I suspect that will not change as long as there is such a dramatic Teabag/Reaganite element to them. But when it comes to solving our socio-economic issues that remain despite not dipping back into recession like austere-eurozone, they are especially repulsive.  


  1. Its the Supreme Court Stupid

    can’t analogize the macro-economics operations of the world’s largest economy to a family, who operated on a micro-econmic level.  Those two things do not compute.

    Oh, and btw, since we are in debt, we need to cut our spending.  That is what a family does.

  2. SilverWillow

    to me.  To help social security, lift the cap.  I am not sure if it should be completely eliminated or raised to (say) $1 Million.  I am leaning to complete elimination.

    Then add a tax to buying/selling on the stock market.  Some minuscule amount per transaction.  Part to go to social security, part to the general budget.

    Then add another tax, called a war tax.  This would be applied to anyone making over a certain amount (maybe $150K) and would be applied anytime we are at war (or until the debts of our latest wars are paid off).  If you have an immediate family member in the active military, you would be exempt from this tax (immediate means, mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter (or yourself)).  Too many people in America are pro-war, because they have no personal skin in the game.  This way, they would literally have to put their money where their mouth is.  This tax would also be applied to capital gains.

    Also, capital gains are treated as income, with an exception for selling your home.

    It would not solve all of the problems, but I think it would be a good start.

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