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A Pootie Ode to Cheeseburger/Open Thread

The search for the perfect cheeseburger as been on the mind of the modern pootie for decades. For some, the search goes on for many lifetimes. Constant taste testing is required to find this utter purr-fection, as the norms for the noms frequently change.

Getting hoomins to understand this fact is a true challenge for the modern pootie. Most hoomins are willing to spend their single life in search of the instant gratification of the mediocre cheeseburger. The modern pootie has no understanding or patience for this.  

The following post is a brief history of the search for cheeseburger purr-fection.  

Mildrid teaches history at Ceiling Cat University.


At first, modern pooties were confused as to where the purr-fection came from.


Future generations of pootie adjusted well to the search.



Roadblocks are still put up at every opportunity.


Modern inventions are making the search much easier.


Recently,government intervention has been requested.


Maybe someday the modern pootie will have their respective hoomin trained to their specific needs…


But until that time, the search will continue.


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  1. That guy is a real “fan” of cheeseburgers? HAHAHAHA!

    And I am glad this is the kind of site where Ceiling Cat is an Obama advisor … how refreshing!!

    Have some bacon with that Cheezburger:

  2. Rho Oph

    Another refugee from the sturm und drang.  Trying to figure out how to add a signature line from my profile, but all in good time.

    Take care.

  3. HappyinVT

    Sen. Obama passed a note to an aide while Sen. Biden was rambling on making a serious point that said “shoot me now.”

  4. GlenThePlumber

    I knew I could get remembrance to signup…she was reluctant…thank you Khloe..!!..she appears happier already.

  5. peregrine kate

    And an interesting place indeed. Rather homey, I should say 😉

    (Not sure this is completely legit–but if you can check your mail at the other stomping grounds, I would be very grateful!)

    I do plan a lot of cross-platform work at least for the time being. Time will tell….

  6. Photobucket

    It was my entry to the Chipotle dude picture, Yes that’s Pat Boone.  My father in law is on the board of a veterans charity and this was their annual gala we always get ticket to.  This was a week or so before the election, and no I didn’t tease him : )

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