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  1. Nurse Kelley

    How the hell have you been? Welcome to the Motley Moose, a slower, much more civilized place to chat.

    Oh oh oh oh I have to go tell someone you’re here!

    Type up your news while I’m gone – BRB!

  2. Good to see you. We never really met before, and I caught your name in recent months as some mythic figure of some unknown injustice

    I don”t know what happened elsewhere, nor do I need to know. All I can say is that from the affection shown to you above by people I respect, I’m looking forward to knowing you better. And rest assured no injustice passes here.  

  3. donnamarie

    I am SO glad you’re here!  I’ve really missed you and your writing.  It sounds like things are improving for you and I am very happy to hear that.

  4. mrsgoo

    improving for you. Was very sad to see you leave the GOS but understandable. Happy New Year! Lots of familiar names popping up on the moose.  

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