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I’ve Missed So Many of You

I’ve missed many of you and I know some have wondered if I’m ok because I sort of vanished off the internet.

In short, I’m fine!!  Like anyone, I’ve had some challenges and life changes and will more than likely be moving to the UK, while traveling there quite a bit between now and then.

LIke all of you, I was so thrilled and relieved by the election results. I was fairly confident Obama would win. But, the results were more than I had even hoped for. GOBAMA !! I’m looking forward to the next 4 years.

I miss being at DailyKOS. In case some of you aren’t aware, I was banned several months ago after a pie fight I had with a group I had always trouble getting along with. It was a stupid mistake on my part. After having been there more than 8 years, I should have known better and walked away from it before it became a problem.

Over the past several months, I’ve made 3 or 4 requests for reinstatement but have never received consideration or a response. I submitted it via the community form and also through the other page where you can ask for reinstatement. Its possible those pages aren’t working. I don’t know.

I miss DailyKOS and the many people I got to know there.

In any event, I want to start engaging again. So, Motley Moose was my choice as I am fond of many of the posters here! A shout out to Brit, one of my favorite posters!!


  1. GlenThePlumber

    I’m not a fan of all the fighting…but that group is very frustrating.

    last night a very progressive congressperson posted a petition to end the war in Afghanistan and they refused to sign because she didn’t prosecute GWB for war crimes…ugh.

    sorry about the banning…the moderation system is dysfunctional.

    agree 100%…the election went very well.


  2. I’ve thought about you often. Maybe if you’re moving to the UK I can meet you face to face (as we promised a couple of years ago).

    The way you were treated was appalling, but after you were banned I saw an even more appalling treatment by the admins of someone else, who was trolled beyond belief, and in a fragile mental state. She was a great, wonderful writer, and has been harried into silence.

    I’ll say it here: Kos makes a lot of money from his site, and I think he failed his duty of care. That’s reprehensible in the circumstances.

    Here – we make no money, probably lose some. And be assured we’ll never let anyone be peremptorily banned or trolled without safeguards

    Good to see you. Glad you came here. Nothing is lost

  3. fogiv

    I’m so rarely at GOS, I didn’t even know you’d been banned there.  there’s plenty to like at daily kos, but anymore you have to know how to find it, and i don’t have time for that kind of digging. i’ve got kids in honor rolls, karate, and water polo, and a full-time job, and i’m (again) a full-time student, and i’m running a marathon relay in a few days.  i don’t have time for that crap.  also, i grow weary of people who think they always have all the answers (rox or sux), so i generally don’t waste time there.  here at the moose, the pace often slow, but always more deliberate and thoughtful. convos stretch out over weeks, not hours.  here, i always learn things.  and we’re fun.  and funny.  we’re all real.  some of us know each other in meatspace.  our families ‘blog’ here.  my youngest is now 4 years old, and this silly purple blog has known him since before he was born.

    we come and go as we please, and you’re welcome to do the same.  i can tell you this, nobody treats others with disrespect here.  ever.  it just doesn’t happen.  and even when things get testy, the make-up sessions are full-on emoporn.

  4. Kysen


    I wondered when you would show up again…where you would land.

    I’m glad you landed here…there are a couple others who have been banished from the GOS that are still MIA.

    I’ve been….scarce.

    To say the least.

    “RL” has had me busy busy busy…and even during election season I only had time to pop in sporadically.

    I HOPE this will change with the New Year…I miss mah Moose family!

    I’m happy to see your voice added to the conversation here….slow and meandering as it is.


  5. DeniseVelez

    have been missing you so much over in BKos.  Was just talking about you the other day and poof here you are 🙂  

  6. Well there are no goats walking around with a smile so over a year after my banning I still wouldn’t ask Markos Moulitsas for a thing including the ability to drive clicks to his website with my thoughts.

    I still lurk there as much as I did before I became a member and from what I can see I would be tossed out again in a New York minute.  As much as I appreciate the views of the vast majority of posters over there (why I still read it) the culture over there is still one just dripping in the privilege that when I opposed it got me tossed. Which brings me to an issue that my life on twitter has exposed.  The progressive alliance between Blacks and Whites is in danger of being broken.  Period.  It’s going to be over the moon difficult to motivate the black electorate without Obama on the ballot when we see weeks after one of the nastiest disenfranchisement efforts since Jim Crow was a baby launched against us and every nasty racist attack from Susan Rice to just whatever still launched.  If I’m any barometer we are weary of being on the front lines taking mass casualties while it appears our progressive friends are more interested in whatever outrage has their hair on fire today.

    I’m also curious if the hypocrisy of a place that tossed Black thought because it made Whites uncomfortable to think about thinks it’s a “libertarian” free speech zone does not burn?  Yeah don’t miss that place.


  7. Yasuragi

    you was through Kosmail — which obviously wouldn’t work.

    So happy to see you posting here.  And want you back!  

    You can e-mail me at my username dot dkos at gmail dot com, if you want.  But just know I was pissed you got banned, and will do what I can to get you reinstated.

  8. I bailed on the place a long time ago, while The Nephew was still a heartwarming story line.  Seems to me somewhere, sometime later I came across a mention of TN having been outed as a sock or troll or something, certainly not what he’d represented himself to be.  Zat right?  And if so, what’s the Reader’s Digest version of the tale?

  9. mahakali overdrive

    Who was it who said you were posting here? Someone told me recently, just a few days ago I think.

    I definitely didn’t want to miss the chance to say hello and hope you post again or just read my warm wishes. I’ve missed your presence a lot, hon. I was literally just in the bookstore today with my son, killing a half hour, and wound up in travel (where else?) and was looking at a dozen Greek Islands in some Frommer’s type guide when I totally flashed on you. So there. You are in my psychic space for good.

    Sorry to hear you were caught up in eight-year old pie. That’s stale as Hell. Start fresh!

    Much love to you.

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