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  1. sricki

    concession speech.

    Because, you know, when a candidate is a legitimate fucktard, the electorate has a way of shutting that whole thing down.

  2. 10,000 votes in FLA, either way

    1 point either way in OH and VA

    “very tight, very narrow path”


    You betcha.

    “If any one falls it’s fatal for Romney.”

  3. two minutes ago FOX says the Romney camp tells them they expect FLA to be within 10,000 votes…

    After the break “You just head Florida could be within 10,000”

    No we didn’t. We heard that one campaign headquarters said that. That isn’t knowledge.

  4. Kysen

    I think I hear the Fat Lady warmin’ up….

    We have this….

    We won.


    Obama 2012…Yes We Did (Again!)


  5. It’s been a wild ride since we met four years ago – tough times beyond anything we could imagine. But you kept the course, through the hardest storms. And I think Obama, though buffeted by gales and tempests, found a way through

    You’ve re established America’s good name for probity, reliability and despite its fractious disputes, ultimate sanity. The world has been watching you, needs you, and (bizarrely) 80 per cent of British conservatives would vote for Obama.

    So the world thanks you. I’m speaking on their behalf.

    Things can only get better

  6. Strummerson

    like abandoning the poor and the sick to their own responsibility, denigrating the pursuit of knowledge, and of viewing rape as a way in which women victimize others?

  7. Kysen

    crying to Fox News….Karl Rove is on spinning….what a fucking joke.

    Fox news to Romney Camp: “STFU…you lost”

  8. fogiv

    So it looks like republicans will have to wait another 4 years before they can kill Mexicans on sight, make rape legal and reestablish slavery. Sorrrrry.

  9. Strummerson

    behave like this and then teach their kids to share, to lose graciously, and to refrain from spreading slanderous rumors (or bearing false witness)about others?

  10. fogiv

    i wanted that one pretty bad.  and i needed it for my 347 prediction.  crap.

    i feel a tight win in virginia.  i def need that one.

  11. Everything will fail, because the GOP will never bend. Calls Romney a “Northeast Liberal”

    Other conservative pundits claiming that a much more conservative candidate is the key.

    Moar! Moar! Not crazy enough by half, moar crazy is key!

    Done with this, back to Colbert.

  12. Desperately spinning the uncounted-so-far Ohio votes as surely surely going to tip it in Romney’s favor.

    I laugh.

    I shout HA! at the TV.

    I’m gonna go get me that split of champagne that’s been sitting in the fridge….



    Now there’s some piss-faced older white guy maundering about how Romney was an Eastern liberal and that’s why he lost and Obama’s a far leftist and has no mandate and…. Ah, you get the picture.

    I GLOAT.

  13. rfahey22

    I mean, he lies about everything else.  What if he just comes out and gives a victory speech, starts building a fake cabinet, etc.?

  14. Strummerson

    Colorado and Nevada have been called.  Obama has 272 without Ohio.

    Now they are just being sore losers.

    Trump is tweeting that Obama lost the popular vote by a lot (which he cannot know) and is calling on people to march on Washington as our Democracy is a sham and a travesty.


  15. DeniseVelez

    Mitt Romney is such a dick – refusing to concede OH.

    well folks – tis done.  

    Now I can get some sleep 🙂

  16. sricki

    for the Romney campaign to give it up.

    No one as rich and dishonest as Mitt Romney can easily believe that there’s anything he wants in this world that he can’t either BUY or LIE his way into.

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