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Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up? An Ambiguously Open Thread.

The Washington Post puts the question that we all should be asking: “Which Romney Will Voters Get?

If Romney is facing a Democratic Congress that demands compromise in return for votes – the same situation he faced in Massachusetts – he’ll be more like the Massachusetts moderate he presented as last night. If he’s facing a Republican Congress that’s pulling him to the right and threatening to reject his proposals and force him into a primary in 2016, he’ll be more like the candidate we saw in this year’s  primaries and throughout much of this campaign.

Does anyone know who Mitt Romney is? Does Mitt know who Mitt is?

We are left to wonder.

Wednesday’s presidential debate left the Right in cheers and the Left in tears.

For a day.

With a day and a half behind us, however, pundits and parents alike are finding less to like with the dinner Romney put on the plate in front of us. America may like fried chicken but there are certain birds that we just don’t throw in the pot.

Will Romney pull a Cheney on Big Bird? We just don’t know, and that should concern us. With a GOP Congress to work with Big Bird is dead. With a Democratic Congress Big Bird is welcomed into the White House with banners flying. With a Democratic Congress and a re-election ahead of him, Big Bird is in a quantum state no better than Schrodinger’s Cat.

The problem with Romney is not that he is a Tea Party extremist – he isn’t – it is that he is an amorphous entity defined by the forces around him. While compromise may be the foundation of strength in leadership, complete lack of conviction is the absence of it.

Would Mitt Romney lead the country down a path of reconciliation or one of plunging far-right extremism? That would be for others to decide, Romney would go whither the wind blows him.


  1. I’m laughing my ass off at all the leftist pundits decrying labor number trutherism while at the same time declaring a liar the winner.  These people are advocating such looseness in integrity I wouldn’t let a kid watch them.

  2. Strummerson

    in the next two debates.  And a bit of humor.

    Keep stoking the debunking fires under the crucible of Romney’s lies.

    And then it’s the ground game that counts.

    Let’s just hope that Biden doesn’t slip into his silly self-caricature tendency.  Ryan ain’t no Palin.  He’ll be energized by the taste of the Naval Observatory that the response to Mitt’s truthiness restored.  Biden can handle it, but he’s gotta stay disciplined.

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