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Wisconsin Terrorist named: his White Power Past

Busy at the Olympics, which has been brilliant, but I thought I’d pass on more sobering news.

The Guardian explains the FBI findings

The FBI is examining ties between white supremacist movements and a US army veteran who killed six people as they gathered at a Sikh place of worship in Wisconsin on Sunday.

The police identified the gunman as Wade Michael Page, 40, who served in a US army psychological operations unit before he was discharged in 1998 for a pattern of misconduct, including being drunk on duty.

The Daily Beast has more details of Wade Michael Page’s past, including some great investigative research into his band:

Band photographs of End Apathy on their band-mix page show Page holding a red electric guitar, wearing a shirt that reads “Definite Hate: Music With Pride,” over a Confederate flag. Swastikas and Confederate flags hang in the background. Definite Hate, another band in which Page played guitar, is also affiliated with the Hammerskins, according to Pitcavage.

The Definite Hate song “Take Action” includes these lyrics: “All the talking is done and now it’s time to walk the walk / Revolution’s in the air 9mm in my hand / You can run but you can’t hide from this master plan.” It has been reported that Page used a 9mm semi-automatic handgun in Sunday’s attacks.

Romney’s Taxes: He’s got until Sept. 1

No, not offering Mitt an ultimatum.  This is just an observation.  If, and only if, there’s really nothing catastrophically damaging in those returns, then he has roughly 3 weeks to maneuver their release so that they appear to be on his terms and not another instance of him being pushed around.  After that, if he releases them and they contain nothing particularly bad, he’ll just look stupid.  He spent valuable months in a critical stretch of his campaign playing defense needlessly.  How will he justify having done so?  It makes him look strategically incompetent.  How does this bode for his legislative of diplomatic strategies?

Packing Hispanics

This is the second part in a series of posts examining how to create super-packed congressional districts of one race. The other posts in this series pack Asians, blacks, Native Americans, and whites.

Packing Hispanics

The previous post created a 94.8% black congressional district, carved out of Chicago.

Chicago is probably the only place in America where such a district can be created. Only Chicago has sufficient numbers of blacks and sufficient levels of segregation.

This is not true for Hispanics. It is a lot easier to pack Hispanics. This because there are simply more Hispanics than blacks in the United States.

More below.