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Can’t run on his record?

The Obama team is waiting far too long to respond to this orchestrated talking point.  Repetition makes it conventional ‘wisdom.’  By not responding with detailed and targeted ‘Hell yeah we can,’ it makes it seem as if Obama doesn’t want to.  It’s not the easiest of sells, given the economy.  But there’s got to be more to it than “GM is Alive and Osama is Dead.”  There needs to be a counter-punch.  I’d recommend every liberal pundit and every democrat with a mouth piece begin repeating:

They say Obama can’t run on his record because they can’t come out and say they want us to return to the Bush policies that got us into this mess in the first place.  No one will buy that.  And that’s what they want to do.  Not because it’s good for the economy.  Not because it’s good for the nation.  But only because it’s good for their elitist patrons.  Obama has worked hard to stabilize our economy for rich, poor, and middle class alike.  He’s shown willingness to include conservative proposals.  But they’d rather obstruct approaches that don’t serve their ideology and clientele and even those that do in order to paint him as a failure.  In the face of organized and zealous obstruction, this President has always sought to do what is right for the American people.  Cutting taxes even further on the so-called job creators will not get them to start investing the capital they are hording in the Cayman Islands and Swiss Bank accounts.  It will only give them more money to squirrel away in their tax shelters while the middle class continues to struggle.  What will encourage them to actually invest in job-creating endeavors is the stabilization of the middle class so that demand in the market will lessen the risk of new endeavors.  When the middle class is buying, investors will capitalize on that demand even if their tax rates are slightly higher.  President Obama’s record shows he supports the policies that will ensure opportunity for all Americans to prosper, from the top to the bottom.  Where he’s been able to implement those policies, we’ve seen success.  Far from a big government socialist bogeyman with a failed record, his record reveals a prudent, pragmatic, and principled American approach to an economy that only thrives when both the private and public sectors fulfill their functions.


  1. Strummerson

    This is simply awesome.  I do, however, think it important to get the word “record” in there.  It’s important to reclaim terms.  I think it’s important to re-embrace the terms “freedom” and “opportunity” that we’ve largely abandoned to GOP hands.  We’ve got the best visual for it: A black democrat in the White House emphatically illustrates which party’s policies increase freedom and opportunity.  

  2. HappyinVT

    It is six months out and “normal” folks are getting the family ready for summer, not paying attention to an election in November.

    I also seem to recall lots of folks screaming in 2008 for the campaign to react faster but things seemed to work out pretty well then.  And I think the campaign is going to go around the national media with boots on the ground and locally-targeted efforts.

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