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Moment of Zen: OPEN THREAD

Game on: as the Romney campaign shifts gears from the battering and often baffling GOP primaries to a kinder and more moderate friendly (lulz) general election campaign, I’ve been beginning to pay more attention. While watching a candidate who’s held more positions than the unabridged Kama Sutra try to move toward some semblance of sanity is the height of political entertainment for me, I’ve got to say this ‘bracket and prebuttal‘ strategy they’re employing gives me a robust chuckle.

To beat a sitting president, you first have to chase him around the country.

At least that’s the operating theory at Mitt Romney’s campaign headquarters, where aides are unleashing a new strategy to combat President Obama at his campaign stops and to even adopt Obama’s itinerary as their own.

With the general election campaign in full swing, the presumptive Republican nominee plans to stage “prebuttal” and “rebuttal” speeches to Obama designed to try to force the president on the defensive.


Prebuttal? SRSLY?

When Romney’s staff moved out of its office in Iowa after a virtual tie in the caucuses in January, the Obama campaign opened an office in Romney’s vacant headquarters.

Now, that’s how you prebut. Welcome to the Big Leagues, Mitt.

That nugget, along with the unrelated graphic below, are today’s Moment of Zen.


This is an OPEN THREAD. What’s the best thing to happen to you this week?

P.S. 420


  1. fogiv

    at the local minor league park. Looking forward to some ball, brews, and a hot dog.

    What do y’all have shakin’?

  2. But what’s been occupying me has been, while ultimately hopeful, ab initio not fun, not fun at all:

    On Tuesday, I was yanked out of sleep at 6:00-ish a.m. with a call from the farm:  “Your horse is three-legged lame.”

    The rest of the story?  At length, in my blog.  The gist:  A suspensory injury, extended stall rest, and pretty much the end of any dream I had to ever ride Ben again.

    Now, as the days have passed, Ben has been doing very very well, and today at midday there was not much swelling and not much heat in the joint.  So I can feel reasonably confident that, while I probably won’t ever back him again, at least we won’t be calling out the backhoe and making the final decision.  And I did take the mighty Morgan out for a short ride along the edge of the hayfields, which was fun on this unseasonably warm, sunny day.  But I sure didn’t need the horror and heartache, plus the extra labor of nursing the big guy, not to mention the vet bills.

    I tend to refer to my two horses as large, expensive, useless pets.  Now and then they like to rub my face in it.

  3. Strummerson

    Then running around cleaning the house in mortal terror of the wife’s anxiety as potential sub-letters are coming for a look and a see.  Then grading 30 final paper proposals with a break for Game of Thrones at 9:00.  

    A few minutes of geetar and a glance at how things are going at Fenway.  Pretty good start to the season series with the Sox.  Jeter is playing like it’s 1999 and Tex is hitting like it’s August.

  4. Rashaverak

    With the general election campaign in full swing, the presumptive Republican nominee plans to stage “prebuttal” and “rebuttal” speeches to Obama designed to try to force the president on the defensive.


  5. had time for one more (ok, my first) swim in the pool this morning. Woke up at 4am with a bee in my bonnet and created the ICS-ISAC website (it’s a start), wrote the presentation for the LIGHTS roundtable on Tuesday (I know, a bit early with 48 hours remaining, but I promise not to do it again), finally ate from the pig-trough breakfast buffet here at the RIU Paradise Island (review: “Don’t”).

    A night at the Miami Sofitel then five hours in a cattle car, home by noon tomorrow.

    I am really just not made for vacations.

  6. DTOzone

    Republicans are so hardcore now, they’ll put down their own nephew and essentially call him a loser if it means defending their point of view.

  7. Shaun Appleby

    If it wasn’t for Charles P Pierce over at Esquire I wouldn’t be able to face the rest of the media this cycle:

    Somehow, the notion that anything is true, or that the truth has any real political value, has been leached out of our public affairs. Moreover, and probably as something of a result of that, the notion has arisen that anything which commands an audience must be worthy of the respect we would ordinarily give to the truth, no matter how demonstrably fraudulent or obviously mendacious it is.

    Exhibit A: the ongoing campaign of Willard Romney for president of the United States.

    Charles P Pierce – Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and the Other Side of Truth Esquire 24 Apr 12

    Hard to argue with.

  8. …good news out of New Hampshire; a new poll shows Obama with a 9-point lead over Romney:


    The survey, from WMUR and the University of New Hampshire, showed 51% of New Hampshire adults backing Obama and 42% supporting Romney. Five percent said they had not yet decided who to support in November’s general election.


    Independents, traditionally a large and important bloc in the Granite State, broke for Obama in Monday’s poll, with 40% supporting the incumbent Democrat compared to 35% for Romney.

    Oh, and Boehner is rattled enough to say publicly there’s a one-in-three chance of the GOP losing control of the House:



    Helen Goodman, the Labour MP, has described the conversations revealed between advisers to Hunt and Murdoch as “pretty serious”.

    Goodman told the Guardian:

    It seems to me that J Hunt has not told the truth to Parliament. He repeatedly said “at every stage” he took advice from officials and was completely transparent. Murdoch’s evidence makes clear that for the period prior to 23 Dec 2010 this is not so: that he was parti pris and had off the record conversations in his role as SofS for DCMS. This is pretty serious.

    Can he do that?  I mean is that criminal?  I read Cameron is actually supporting Hunt, wait what?  Where is my Brit?  Is this as jaw dropping as I’m finding it?

  10. HappyinVT

    A University of Boulder student recounts her meeting with POTUS in a restaurant:

    “He went over to everyone’s table first off, and finally the paparazzi like cleared out of the way and he got to our table, and the only thing I said to him was ‘Can I get a picture,’ and he said ‘stand up,’ we took the picture, and then literally all I said was, ‘you smell good’ – and that was the end of the conversation. Because I just get so starstruck that I was just like ahhh! I couldn’t say anything.”

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