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State of the Union: Open Thread

In a few hours President Obama will deliver his third State of the Union address.  An incisive thought:

The one thing America does not need to hear tonight is that we are a great people who need only remember all those glorious things we have in common, etc. etc., wha-dee-doo-dah. We are not a great people. Not in the way we treat ourselves in our politics, anyway. We are frightened. We lash out. We kick the country as though it were a lawnmower that won’t start. In 2010, just as the president and his administration managed to lift their heads above the brim of the ditch in which their predeceesors had dumped the country, We, The People elected the most retrograde, brick-stupid, poo-flinging monkeyhouse of a House of Representatives in the history of the Republic.

Charles P Pierce The State of the Union Is Angry Espuire 24 Jan 12

Hard to argue with.  This speech will set the frame for the remainder of Obama’s first term and the posture Democrats adopt for the vital upcoming election.  How’s he doing?