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The End of the War for Lybia: A Positively Outlooking Open Thread

The NTC is set to declare the war for the freedom of Libya officially over.

The country has its future ahead of it, what will that bring?

Considering this an optimistically Open Thread.

On KGO 810 on Friday I had to get off the phone before I got to make this statement to the question “What should the US do now?”:

The International Community needs to double down, as John McCain has said the US should. The US should imho keep doing what it has been, which is to drive this ship with a firm but quiet hand.


  1. creamer

    The oil revenue might give them a chance to rebuild(build) a functioning civil goverment. It also might prove tempting to some crazy colonel.

      The Arab Spring is somthing of a petrie dish. Societies that have been ruled by fear and intimidation for generations having a chance to find their own way. Too bad the “elightened west” is in such poor shape to be of much assistance.


    Slain dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s influential son and heir-apparent, Saif al-Islam, has been captured alive and uninjured, rebel sources told NBC News on Saturday.

    Saif al-Islam and Moussa Ibrahim, the former spokesman for the Gadhafi’s regime, were both captured in the Libyan city of Nessma, near Bani Walid, and were currently being transported to Misrata, rebel forces told NBC News.

    SIRTE (BNO NEWS) — A video released by the Global Post appears to capture an unidentified man sodomizing ousted Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi with an object before he was eventually killed.

    The video was released on Friday but a closer review of the footage on Saturday appears to show a person bending over and inserting a thin piece of wood inside Gaddafi’s bottom. The video was released by the website Global Post, which obtained the footage from rebel fighters.

    Oh and since it’s an open thread I’m playing some music.  My kid introduced me to Vijay Iyer about 3 weeks ago and now I can’t stop playing this song.  I love mathematical music where are you Dirk?  What do you think?

  3. Rashaverak

    he Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, has said he would side with Pakistan in the event of war with the US in a surprising political twist that is likely to disconcert his western allies.

    “If there is war between Pakistan and America, we will stand by Pakistan,” Karzai said in a television interview. He put his hand on his heart and described Pakistan as a “brother” country.

    Biting the hand that feeds you?

  4. DTOzone

    so I mentioned a few weeks back how my favorite coworker was leaving for a new job and I was distraught over it.

    His last day was this past Friday and he started his new job today. It was the first day in the office without him and it was weird.

    He text me to tell me that he met my twin and then proceeded to tell me all the unattractive qualities the man and I share.(kinda fat, balding).

    My girlfriend said that’s a man’s way of saying “I miss you”  

  5. HappyinVT

    “meh” by most folks.  I got the news via CNN while sitting in the lobby of a restaurant in Maine waiting for a table.  No one was talking about it ~ we didn’t because it is well-known in my group of friends that I’m the farthest left by far.  I guess most folks assume(d) we’ve been done with Iraq for awhile now.

    Of course, if you listen to some bloggers, we’re just getting ready for the next war ~ with Iran.

    (Did read at Balloon Juice I believe it was about a Marine who was killed in action over the weekend who was on his 14th!! tour of duty.  Time to get them all home, too.)

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