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Just contributed to the Warren Senate campaign

It wasn’t much.  Things are tight.  But getting Warren’s voice in the Senate seems even bigger than taking a seat back.

I think we should start a practice at the Moose, where when one of us makes a contribution to any cause we post an announcement diary.  If the two minutes it’s taking me to type this plants the idea and even one moose thinks they can send a little something, it’s worth it.  It’s also a way of sharing our priorities and commitments and discussing them.

Here’s the Warren ActBlue page:…


  1. HappyinVT

    I need to get off my rump and put some money where my mouth is.

    Here’s something I’ll toss out to the mess o’ Moose: is it appropriate to donate to candidates who are not in your state or district?

    I’m a bit torn on this.  On one hand, worthwhile candidates should be supported.  On the other, do I have the right to send money to a candidate in, say, Minnesota’s Sixth District because their rep is a dingbat?  I’m not really wild about folks outside of Vermont having a hand in our elections like when a certain lady suggested Sanders should be primaried to voting for the healthcare reform bill.

    Anyway, I’d be interested to see what other folks think.

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