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First Diary – Hi There

Well, after joining last week, I’m getting around to an introduction…

Hi 🙂 I’m Sarea.  I tend to lurk and comment, more than diary, so you’re more likely to see me in your own diaries.

Who am I?  I’m:  a writer, a reader, a musician and music lover, a good friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a 20-year marketing veteran who is dangerously close to quitting a toxic work environment.

I wasn’t sure what to write about for my first diary, so I’ll write what is on my mind today.

There’s only so much someone can take before they become no-longer-effective at their jobs.  I’ve seen years of hard work and effort in this company go down the drain simply because the boss does not want to put his/her own effort into understanding the work we are doing, and ultimately he/she doesn’t care.  This company would not have made it through the recession without my work, and a handful of others, who are repeatedly treated poorly.  

This person has taken advantage of both employees and customers, and thinks of him/herself in terms of “good and evil,” as in “Boss is good, all others are bad (unless of course you happen to be my favorite today).”  The hard working and smart employees are devalued.  However, the boss consistently throws open his/her arms towards predatory employees and customers, who then take advantage and leave us in even worse straits.

At this point, I’m seriously concerned that my professional reputation – which is stellar – is being brought down because of my association with this company.

I’m grateful to have a paycheck. But at this point – after looking for a LONG time, getting close to multiple offers, only to lose out to another person – I’m ready to go.  Just say “screw it, I can do better on my own.”  

I may not make much money that way, but at least I’ll have my sanity back.  And I make a mean pot of beans that can stretch a long way 🙂

So here’s to abusive / toxic employers.  You may have the upper hand in this economy, but that won’t last forever!


  1. Strummerson

    Welcome.  I hope you find this forum more inspiring with regard to diaries, but we’ve plenty excellent moose who lurk and drop comments.

    So sorry you’re having this terrible situation.  Must be awfully confusing at a moment when the whole country seems to be shouting “JOBS!!!” and you hate yours.

    Maybe this will help just a little:

  2. fogiv

    to toss yourself into the open waters of the job market, but hey peace of mind is priceless. Sounds like you know what’s best for you. How can that be a bad choice?

    Now, tell about your music!

  3. spacemanspiff

    Denise has been here ever since the Moose was born. If you aren’t doing much and are not boycotting GOS go drop some love. I’ve always felt like Black Kos is a blog inside a blog (check out our blog roll) so it’s different. But that’s just me (and I’m kind of weird)! :~)

    Welcome Sarea! Glad to have you here. All threads are open threads here (says spacemanspiff) so I would love to see you thread jack one of my imaginary diaries.    

  4. Know your pain – well. It is always frustrating when you can do the work and you like doing the work and you can be successful doing the work…

    …but some asshat makes it unbearable.

    Since I use my own name here I will stop at that. :~)

  5. Stipes

    and didn’t realize how bad it was until I had something to compare it to.

    I started a job with the VA today and I really, really enjoy it.  It’s unlike any other job I’ve ever held.  Sometimes, you leave under your own steam and find something new.  Or maybe you don’t always get that choice.

    Either way, here’s my advice:  Leave as soon as you can and find a better situation.  Life is too short to fritter it away enriching someone whom you despise.  It will damage your soul, almost without you knowing it’s actually happening.

  6. sricki

    going through this. I don’t know what to do about my own situation. Most aspects of my current job are a complete and utter nightmare, emotionally and financially, but I’m afraid to give it up because I have no prospects at all and the economy is crap.

    I guess just follow your instincts and do what you think is best for you overall.

    Good luck.

    Glad to have you here btw.

  7. louisprandtl

    Unfortunately the employer-employee relationship in US had taken a serious downturn during last couple of decades. Most corporations or firms had been able to get away with severely undervaluing the employees, laying them off or severely cutting their benefits.

    Please keep looking, you’ll find something more worthwhile than your current situation.

  8. mahakali overdrive

    I’m so glad to see you here. Been working for the past few days pretty nonstop and about to hop back to it in a moment.

    Big, big hugs to you!

  9. Sarea

    Talked it over with my family, friends and therapist.  Everyone “backs” me if I decide to quit.  Got another call for a job interview today.

    Unless something VERY dramatic happens soon to completely change the work environment, I’m quitting before the end of the year…

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