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Summer is Over Morning Open Thread

Ayup…summer’s gone.  It’s rainy right now in Portland, but still a beautiful morning.  I had a kitteh on my lap for a good while, which always makes for good start to the day.  He is so kyooot!  He lets me grab him by the nape of his neck to put him in my lap and everything.

So, what’s shakin’ in your world?

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  1. Stipes

    I’m near Gabriel Park and it’s still sunny and 75 degrees over here.

    You must be on the bad weather side of town.


  2. We had the strangest summer in So Cal.  It was very mild.  I don’t think I remember too many days where we were sizzling in the 100’s and now it looks like it wants to rain.  I suppose we should count our blessings because it looks like we’ll escape this season without a nasty brush fire.  Namaste Moooooooose!

  3. Hey, it’s a conference, I don’t have a choice.

    I am definitely going to take a moment to burn the summer into my soul one more time. Probably run up to the old neighborhood on Siesta Key, see some friends, have a bite at the Salty Dog and wander that stunning white beach.

  4. sricki

    cereal and fruit, pancakes and fruit, oatmeal and fruit, grits and fruit, toast and fruit… Really, anything-and-fruit is my favorite breakfast. I am a fruit-o-holic. 😉

    And I am not one to pine over lost summer days. I live in Alabama, and it’s hot as the devil. I open my apartment door and a wall of humid heat slams into my face. Did you know that we are actually located right on top of Hell? Little known fact.

    I look forward to our 2 weeks of fall and our 3 weeks of winter.  

  5. Progressive Witness

    Seein’ as this here is an open thread, think I’ll share something that’s just been warming my geekly little heart lately as it combines two things I love:

    It’s steampunk, and it’s hip-hop.

    It’s hip-hop, **and** it’s steampunk.

    It’s chap-hop, ya’ll!

    No, not those. Those are my time travel trousers.


  6. rexymeteorite

    cold pizza is the best breakfast…hands down.

    Oh yeah, I am in salem and fall is most certainly approaching. Its FREEZING!

  7. Moozmuse

    southern Germany. Breakfast time is long gone, it’s actually revolting to think of cereal at this time of the evening! In any case, the normal breakfast here is crusty, fresh-baked rolls or croissants with butter and jam. Mmmm. Cereals have caught on over the years, but I think Müsli is still pretty popular, and eggs and ham/bacon are often brunch fare (yes, Sunday brunch has been adopted, too).

  8. Shaun Appleby

    Caught up with all the comments in the last twenty-four hours.  I may have to change my diary habits or else give up my job.

  9. dirkster42

    Saturdays always break my stride for some reason.  I always slow down in this way I find unsatisfying.

    I just made a couple of pints of apple/pear/lemon/raspberry juice.  It was tasty.

    Anyway, enjoy some of Hildegard’s music:

  10. AaronInSanDiego

    I remember learning about her in my music history classes. We didn’t explore her religious significance, but it’s fascinating to me that such ancient music can still affect us today.

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