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Insomniacs Venthole with Craig Ferguson: Mighty Moose Edition

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 What a do everyone what a do? Is anyone else so damned excited it’s football season again like I am or am I wierdo. My Steelers got all their shitty playing out of the way this past weekend, god it was awful I couldn’t finish watching the game. Craig’s guests tonight are Sigourney Weaver and Ted Alexandro.

That’s all that’s uploaded onto you tube just now, I think whoever uploads the vids to youtube is doing it now and is half done with last nights show. Will check back a bit later and update.


  1. dirkster42

    because nothing stirs my passion like a hunky football player.  (Some day, Joey Harrington will wake up and realize that he’s married to me.)  The game itself tends to confuse me, though.  I did check out “Football for Dummies” from the library a while back, but didn’t get very far.

    Are there websites where you can stream/download football games.  There’s no TV in our house, which gets in the way of watching it.

    I also always like to support women on the gridiron, though they don’t have quite the same sex appeal as the guy players do.

    Oh, we don’t embed YouTube videos here.  OK, here’s a link for some women playing football:

  2. Drewid

    and I got a funny story to tell.

    My old roomie Borris just got back from Burning Man earlier this week with his burning man stories. So this year Borris was by the S&M Camp, and at the S&M camp they had this wheel you can elect to spin. Don’t know everything on the wheel but Borris got spanking and the girl he was hangin out with got “The petting Zoo”.

    The petting zoo is basically they handcuff you on a small platform and anyone around can touch you for like 2 minutes or something. You get to set the parameters before hand of course, Borris’s lady’s friends parameters were “No insertion.”

    Burners are a strange breed indeed, but some of the best people I’ve ever met.

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