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Open Thread: Welcome Visitors (Part 4)

Moose are tearin’ through the Open Threads! Here is another one to play in. For at least the near future, we will try to keep a fresh one up every 200 comments or so.

A hearty welcome to all newcomers. Whether you are visiting just for a week, or have landed here in search of new digs, make yourself at home. Threads are filling up fast, and I’m having trouble keeping up with everyone. Sorry I’m not doing a good job of greeting everyone individually, but there seem to be quite a few of you – which is altogether rather delightful! I think I can speak for everyone here, moose new and old, when I say that we are thrilled to see each and every one of you.  

Kick back, relax, and pull up a chair. For anyone just showing up, Kysen will bring the welcome wagon around shortly. The martini bar is in the back, so you can help yourself. For those of you looking for something more interesting, I’ll be bartending.

Please be at home everyone.

Keep in mind, the floor is open for any topic of discussion, so long as it is, of course, civil as always πŸ˜‰

The dude below is not me, but he shares my philosophy!


We have received several comments/emails regarding signatures. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry…  We’ve had a spammer problem here for the last year or so. They were pasting spam links into their signatures and commenting all over the place. There is currently a 24 hour waiting period to add a signature to your profile/comments. Everyone registering today should be clear to add a sig by tomorrow.

Here is a diary that might help our new Moose:  Insider’s Guide to Motley Moose

Make yourselves at home, kick up your feet, RELAX.

In fact, I invite ya’ll to do as scribe has done…and Jump Right In!


If you’re just tuning in, you can catch up on the random, meandering, silly open threaded goodness you’ve missed here:

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Happy chatting!

^^^^^ Open THREAD! See what I did there!?!?! ^^^^^


  1. i’ve been on the computer more the past few days than in many months. im zonked. bad allergies and boston is beating toronto 18 to 5…  welcome to any new peeps, and to the old ones mwah’s all round. goodnight.

  2. HappyinVT

    Elizabeth Warren is reportedly announcing tomorrow (Wednesday) that she’s going to challenge Brown for the MA Senate seat.

    That’s going to be an interesting battle.

  3. HappyinVT

    Fox & Friends (do they have more than one?) is concerned about what the president used yesterday to hold together his jobs plan:

    DOOCY: Meanwhile, come and get your copy. President Obama’s jobs bill, hot off the presses — at Kinko’s? Hundreds of billions in tax hikes and new spending bound together with a chintzy clip. Look at that thing.

    BRIAN KILMEADE (co-host): Right.

    DOOCY: What’s that about?

    KILMEADE: We’ve never had the word “chintzy” in the cold open before.

    GRETCHEN CARLSON (co-host): We’re in a recession.

    I guess the bigger problem is that it wasn’t a paper clip, it was clearly a binder clip.  And two, “Hundreds of billions in tax hikes?”  Really?

    To be fair,  FNC wasn’t the first to use “chintzy.”  I believe it was the NYT that beat them to it.

  4. sricki

    I’ll spare you guys my “old” music taste, which was actually mostly metal. (Strange sricki, yes.) **grins** Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I have slowly, over the past few years, developed a taste for folk/indie/contemporary — amongst other things.

    So just for some chill sounds:

    Having some attention span issues.

    I’ll be back with moar!

    (Sorry clip sizes are all mixed up — just noticed and too scattered to fix it now.)

  5. fogiv

    Safe here at the Embassy in Kabul – if you know anyone who works in security/military, give them a big hug of thanks for their professionalism and dedication.

    Indeed.  Huzzahs to all those who bravely serve.

  6. DTOzone

    at Congressman-elect Bob Turner’s victory party in Queens tonight with a button that read “I’d Rather be Waterboarding” cheering “USA! USA! USA!”

    Yep, my life is awesome.  

  7. Drewid

    I would consider it a great kindness if you would stop by the Venthole on the GOS, maybee published by me, and drop a link to my Venthole here.

  8. spacemanspiff

    I have read very very few people say that he is yet this is the meme the frustrati turds are pushing (without any pushback) and trying to get away with. WTF. See? That’s the kind of bullshit that led to the boycott. Nobody ever called all critics of the POTUS racist but that didn’t stop the turds from using this as a weapon (with great success if the purge is any indicator) against those they didn’t agree with.

    “Obamabots think Kos is a racist” is the new meme that they are pushing and it’s utter and complete horseshit.

    Sorry. I had to get my 0.02 cents in.

  9. mint julep

    I checked my account and don’t see a place to change password. I’m here on a temp password.Not having a permanent one will I be considered illegal?

  10. trs

    for rolling out the purple carpet. I’m another refugee from dK, but I’ve been gone from there for several months. I appreciate the open welcome. Looking around, learning what this place is about.

    Those of you that know me from the GOS know I’m a photographer. Those that don’t know me will get bored with seeing some of my photographs in short order like everyone else does.

    I’m a hard-core liberal (I took a quiz recently that called me a Social Justice Crusader), but a reasonable one. I understand what it takes to get things done – and that it often takes time. I’ve been involved in politics since the mid 70’s. My best friend’s father ran for state rep in Illinois, and I helped on the campaign as a 10 year old – I’ve been hooked ever since.

    One more comment, then I’ll shut up. To the person who announced their engagement in the open thread last night (sorry, I can’t remember who it was): Congratulations! My wife and I met on dK (in the pootie diaries), and just celebrated our first anniversary in July. It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it!!

  11. GlenThePlumber

    I have heard my friends in J Town speak kindly of this place and already see some familiar faces…Yes, my name really is Glen and I am a plumber (had to get that out of the way, I know a lot of people lie in their usernames, I even saw one guy at DK who called himself ‘white trash’ or something like that, he may white, but he is definitely NOT trash, though he does like to talk trash)…I admit I do still lurk at J Town and even logged in to support Otteray Scribe who is going through some difficult times right now, I just tip’d his comment and signed out…I also followed a link by aoeu which lead to kos calling someone a dick in the BK diary, which seemed a little dickish, but the guy deserved it. Maybe kos is starting to understand…?  I must go to work…you know…pipes don’t install themselves….I will check-in later….81ΒΊ forecast in the Valley of Heart’s Delight…Peace always, GTP

  12. Broke and Unemployed

    I knew DKos couldn’t be the ‘only’ public liberal blog site. Glad to know there’s somewhere else for those who have met the banhammer. This place seems a little more friendly.

  13. sillia

    This seems like a nice place, think I’ll stay awhile. Thanks, all you Meese!

    Am boycotting the GOS in solidarity. My stomach turns at what the owner let it turn into–it really didn’t have to be like that. For many, many months now, I and others have asked/demanded/pleaded for reasonable human moderation. This was about racial attacks but not only that. A whole bunch of us that I know about left and some went to Facebook…then drifted back again but stayed mostly in community diaries where nastiness doesn’t come in, too much.

    It matters to me what’s going on there, I don’t think I can go back and just enjoy my cozy corners unless there’s some kind of serious change. Ensuring that all voices are treated with respect, but especially the African American participants who have been treated so badly for so long and have responded with dignity and perseverance. I hope the owner and others spend the week thinking and reflecting.

    It’s really embarrassing that a ‘progressive’ site would degenerate so far into intolerance. It occurs to me that ‘more and better Dems’ is not a high enough value as a guiding principle. As I have been visiting other websites the past couple of days, I notice some have a mission statement or guiding principle posted up front, and some of these are really inspiring. It seems to me that aiming high should be part of who progressives are, not just taking the best we can get, though sometimes that’s necessary.

    So, I like ‘progress through politics’ based on civil discourse, sounds like a plan. Thanks!

  14. Progressive Witness

    Yeah, you, mister!  πŸ˜€

    So, it occurred to me somewhat randomly this morning, since I’m hangin’ out here now, to ask you, as a fella who has in fact written crime drama for Auntie Beeb, what do you think of “Sherlock”?

    And realize that I ask this from the viewpoint of one who has been a shameless lickspittle fanboy of All Things Moffat ever since figuring out just how many of my favorite Doctor Who episodes the dude was writing.  “Blink” still stands out for me as both one of the flat-out creepiest things I’ve ever seen on broadcast television and laugh-out-loud funny.  I still want a t-shirt with “the Angels have the phonebox” on it.  Well, in Second Life, I do have a t-shirt with “the Angels have the phonebox” on it, but let’s not reveal all of my dirty little habits at once, shall we?

    No worries if you don’t like it though, of course, just was wondering what your sort of “insider’s view” of it might be.


  15. dakinishir

    thanks for the warm welcome, to we refugees, and everyone. I like it here. All purple and moosey. And friendly and funny and smart.

    s’good stuff.

    how had I not known about you before? gratitude to floja roja for clueing me in.

    just wanted to join up and drop in. gotta go off and do things not involving my beloved screen for awhile.

    hope you’re all having a dandy afternoon~

  16. Thoughtful in MA

    Hi everyone, I’m Thoughtful in MA from DKOS. I’m not a prolific commenter, but I’ve spent time in a lot of the community diaries, especially the pootie folks, SOUL KOS, and have visited the porch of Black Kos a few times (and brought snickerdoodles, which I believe Denise likes pretty well!).  I missed everything having to do with the boycott with the semester starting up (I’m a doctoral student), but it seems to me that it’s time to see what else is out there.  I saw many links to the Moose and The Peoples’ View, and I like what I see so far.  I don’t know whether I will stay at DKOS or not; but I do know that many of the folks I admire from DKOS are here – so I may just settle in a corner here and watch for a bit (I can be shy at first).  Thanks!

  17. Aji

    I actually registered here back in June, at Kysen’s urging, but I haven’t commented until now.  [Sigh] I probably won’t comment much right now, either.  I’m sick to the very depths of my soul over the DK situation, and not very inclined to talk much about any of it.  But I hope you won’t mind if I park myself here occasionally.  

    I also hope you won’t mind if I identify myself as a Mooz, since the word did originally come from our language. πŸ˜€ [Plural would be moozoog, for anyone who really wants to know.]

  18. Sarea

    Hi Everyone.  This is Sarea.  I’ve posted for years on DailyKos and am checking in to say hi.  Hope you are all having a good week πŸ™‚

  19. Shaun Appleby

    The totally embarrassing incident in Detroit recently?:

    On the same day the country gathered together to recognize the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) launched two F-16 jets to tail a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver after the crew reported “suspicious activity on board.” That “activity”? The existence of three dark-skinned passengers.Two Indian men and one self-described “half-Arab, half-Jewish housewife” from Ohio – all unknown to each other – made the mistake of boarding a plane on Sept. 11, 2011.

    Tanya Somanader – Brown-Skinned Lady Sits Next To Two Indian Men On Plane, Gets Strip-Searched And Detained For ‘Suspicious Activity’ Think Progress 14 Sep 11

    Crikey.  This has been posted before, but still, gives you an idea how this whole paranoid narrative is perceived in “politically incorrect” Australia:

    Heh.  “Always remember… No matter how much you look like you’ve been in jail half your life they’re always going to pin it on the poor bloke who looks like an Arab.”

  20. Paul in San Francisco

    I do bikram yoga, been doing it for 2-3 years now.  It’s the hot yoga – 90 minutes in a room heated to 100 degrees.  Well, today I got hit by the yoga truck, as they say.  I just didn’t have it.  Plus the instructor today is pretty stingy about opening the door to let some air in, and today was no exception.  So we’re about 2/3rds of the way through it, doing camel pose, or rather, everyone else was doing camel.  I was on my knees, head down, drenched in sweat, thinking I’d spend the rest of the class that way.  So the instructor pulls off this wristband she’s wearing, one of those plastic ones with something written on it, and hands it to me.  It reads “Harden the Fuck Up.”  Once I finished laughing, I did camel and made it through to the end. Somehow.  

    I gotta get me one of those wristbands.

  21. So rather than just waste a comment I’ll tell a joke.

    What do you call a deer that had it’s eyes poked out?

    I have no eye deer!

    That might be funnier spoken specially when you say if he grows one back he’d be a good eyedeer!

  22. the dogs sockpuppet

    to let you all know that I’m here now too.  I’m looking for a friendly non-racist community, like we had on the front porch in BKos.

    Hope to see some familiar faces and get to know some new friends.

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