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Open Thread: Welcome Visitors (Part 3)

Approaching 200 in the other thread too, and some of our computers don’t handle loads of comments on Moose so well.

Be you visitor or resident — young or old — new or seasoned moose…

Carry on. 😉

Good to see the place hoppin’ a bit.

Here is a diary that might help our new Moose:  Insider’s Guide to Motley Moose

Make yourselves at home, kick up your feet, RELAX.

In fact, I invite ya’ll to do as scribe has done…and Jump Right In!


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  1. Cedwyn

    not only is my work file from hell, but gardeners next door made it impossible to hear anything (my job entails listening to audio).  i seriously hate leaf blowers and want to see them banned!  near as i can tell, all they do is move stuff around; i have yet to see anyone actually collect what they’ve so diligently moved with those blasted things. nothing but air and noise pollution!

    at least it’s a short file!  hahaha

  2. meant to go down to Campbell to the office today but early calls went long, and heck it’s just nice here. Think I will take a break and go work on that tiki bar in the bower.

  3. Noor B

    what’s your tolerance level for crossposting?  I put up an article/diary entry on firefly-dreaming about Mike Lofgren’s Truth-out diatribe.

  4. fogiv

    SAN FRANCISCO – It was as if Gov. Jerry Brown was looking forward to it, when he was asked this morning about the hundreds of bills on which he must act within about a month.

    It’s like studying anthropology,” Brown told reporters at a conference of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in San Francisco. “You see a lot of, you know, a lot of signs. Or maybe it’s more like archaeology, excavating the inner-workings of Sacramento. So that’s what I’ll do.”

    The Democratic governor said the Legislature, before recessing early Saturday, “passed more bills than most human beings could read in a year. I’m going to try to do it in a month.”

    Brown has previously used the courtyard in the Capitol horseshoe to review bills with staff.

    “I have a big stack, that if I put all the bills they’d come up to here,” Brown said, motioning to a point in space several feet off the ground. “I’m just kind of going page after page.”

    Read more:

  5. As Bob says:

    The Republicans are growing a little worried about the mission they mandated to the “Super Committee” because the Obama Administration is now seeking to use that committee to pass the president’s jobs proposal.


    On the contrary, what the president is asking the committee to do is to agree to even more deficit reduction, and just when I thought this administration couldn’t impress me any more with their deviousness, they pull another rabbit out of their hat.

    Told you that guy was smart. ;~)

    • Noor B

      The FAQ says I can click on the new diary button under Menu.  What new diary button???  It’s not there, and I am definitely logged in.  And I’ve allowed all sorts of stuff in Firefox.  I must simply have a neo-Luddite reinforcement field around me…..




    With a Mars Rover wheel. His shop here in Scotts Valley made the prototypes for the new VW-sized honker that is being launched in November.

    NASA made them take the “JPL” off the ones being sent up. Too bad, would’ve been neat to see little “JPL”s all over the martian surface.

  7. blue jersey mom

    Long day at work. I am trying to do the final proofs on a book, and I was stuck in class and meetings all day.  

  8. first post here!!!!!!!!! i recognize a lot of names…. i have the same name here as i did at that other site… i had a productive day in the studio painting… salvaged a painting i thought i had ruined…. nice to be here with you all.  peace

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