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A Child In Every Pot

A child in every pot and a body under every garage!

Meet Michelle Bachmann’s new campaign pledge. Rest easy Republicans…your newest Great White Hope for the Presidency shares John Wayne (Gacy’s) vision for America!

Rep Bachmann’s Dream for the Nation: John Wayne’s America

A more hysterical campaign gaffe could not have been written.

Follow me below the fold for comedy gold.  

Yesterday, Michelle Bachmann announced her decision to run for the Presidency. She chose Waterloo, Iowa as the launch pad for campaign for the Republican nomination. It is not really surprising she chose Iowa, not only is it known for its power as the first State to hold primaries in the run up to Presidential elections…Rep. Bachmann was also born there.

One would imagine, that having been born and raised in a small’ish town….one would know the town’s history and famous (infamous) residents. As such, one of the interviews she provided yesterday came as quite a surprise.

And that’s what this election is going to be about — who gets to be at that table. Will it be the people, or will it be something very different, because Barack Obama is turning this nation into a Third World, socialist nation. We’re seeing the nation move into decline. I’m not willing to do that. I’m not satisfied. I grew up with John Wayne’s America. I was proud that you grew up in John Wayne’s America: Proud to be an American, thrilled to be a patriot.


Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.

John Wayne…born in Waterloo, Iowa…Michelle Bachmann shares his spirt and vision for America. Sounds like a nice sentiment…one might even innocently assume she was speaking of that nice movie actor guy…HOWEVER…it was serial killer JOHN WAYNE GACY who lived in her hometown.

The man responsible for the deaths of at least 33 young men and boys. Yeah…that guy…the John Wayne from Waterloo that she was so fondly reminiscing about. She was born in Waterloo? Michelle Bachmann quite literally grew up in John Wayne (Gacy’s) America!

Now THAT is a vision for America Rep. Bachmann can get behind!

New Bachmann Campaign Swag:


A Child in Every Pot and Body Under Every Garage!

Sounds like a winner to me?

What think my fellow Moose??

Consider this a rather clown’ish Open Thread.


  1. Strummerson

    he was born in Chicago.  He lived in Waterloo, where he began sexually abusing teenage employees of his restaurant.  After being released from prison, he returned to Chicago and graduated to serial killer.

    Regardless, I’m sure that native Waterlooians aren’t particularly happy that Bachmann has re-publicized this association.

    At least she didn’t makes some declaration that Obama’s Waterloo begins in Waterloo, Iowa.  I guess you’d have to know history to make that statement.  And as she confessed yesterday, everything she “needed to know,” she “learned right here in Waterloo.”  She lived in Iowa until age 12.  I guess she doesn’t exactly value anything she learned after age 12.  We might as well put a 12-year-old in the White House.  Most would do better than her.

  2. HappyinVT

    Bachmann told GMA this morning she would like to abolish the minimum wage because that would end unemployment.

  3. Strummerson

    Politifact has rated 26 Bachmann statements:

    Pants on Fire 7

    False 11

    Barely True 5

    Half True 2

    Mostly True 0

    True 1

    Over half are “Pants on Fire” or “False.”  Only 1 is “True.”  7 reside in that shady area where we would expect a competent politician to live.  

    For what it’s worth, they have rated 303 statements by Obama.  141 fall into the “True” or “Mostly True” categories.  49 are rated “False” and 3 are “Pants on Fire.”  That’s right folks.  In roughly 8 times the number of statements, Obama still trails Bachmann’s “Pants on Fire” tally by 4.

    Of course, this is clear proof of liberal bias.  By definition.  In today’s political climate, one doesn’t disagree with republicans because of bias so much as one is biased against republicans if one disagrees with them.  It’s the very definition of circular reasoning.  See Chris Wallace’s very revealing attempts to obfuscate on behalf of FOX in his confrontations with Jon Stewart.  Seems Wallace has taken this all very personally…

    But in our current political culture, gaffes are more damaging than lies.  It’s about PR competence and polish.  I’m not thrilled about the fact that 1/6 of Obama’s statements here have been false.  But I can live with it.  Bachmann is running as the one who will “tell Americans the truth.”  Seems unlikely.

  4. fogiv

    and this is too random and awesome not to share (see Blask?).  Like Hogan’s Heroes, but backwards:

    They built whiskey stills, allegedly bribed camp guards with booze, attended Saturday-night dances in nearby towns, dated local women and got their hands on rifles to go hunting. They even went on strike.

    That history has prompted a Stanford University historical archeologist to lead excavation work at Riding Mountain’s former Whitewater German prisoner of war camp. Adrian Myers, graduate student of the Stanford Archaeological Center, is also gathering oral history of the camp and archival documentation.

    “It’s pretty crazy,” Myers admitted of the project.

    “I found four guys living who were interned at Whitewater and all four of them said it was awesome,” said Myers.

    The PoWs went on strike once when pajamas they’d ordered from the Eaton’s catalogue failed to arrive on time. They suspected the guards of stealing them, but the clothes eventually arrived.

    Was wollen wir? Pyjama! Wenn müssen wir ihnen? Jetzt!



  5. fogiv

    …and speaking of archaeology, it’s everywhere!  remember recently when the USACE was blowing up dikes to alleviate/mitigate flooding along the Mississippi River?

    bingo, bango, bongo:

    CHARLESTON, Mo. (AP) – Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources and state archaeologists are trying to identify possibly ancient bone fragments unearthed last month when a Mississippi River levee was intentionally breached to relieve flooding.

    It’s not immediately clear if the bones possibly from ancient tribal communities could delay the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ rebuilding the Birds Point levee the agency blew up last month in southeast Missouri’s Mississippi County.

    The Southeast Missourian reports that more than 143 bone fragments range from chips to jaw parts and a nearly complete femur.

  6. sricki

    Let’s not forget, regarding health care:

    “What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass,” – Michele Bachmann

    Just sayin’, this particular vision for America comes as no surprise to me.

  7. Shaun Appleby

    Bachmann’s former chief-of-staff weighs in:

    The Bachmann campaign and congressional offices I inherited were wildly out of control. Stacks upon stacks of unopened contributions filled the campaign office while thousands of communications from citizens waited for an answer. If she is unable, or unwilling, to handle the basic duties of a campaign or congressional office, how could she possibly manage the magnitude of the presidency?

    Ron Carey – Bachmann is so not ready for presidency, but Pawlenty has the judgment and skills Des Moines Register 28 Jun 11

    The opinion piece in the Des Moines Register is an endorsement for Pawlenty.  Clearly she needs to get the “staff loyalty” metric nailed down a little tighter.

  8. DTOzone

    I don’t hate Michele Bachmann, I hate her politics and would probably flee back to England if she ever got elected.

    But Sarah Palin strikes me as a mean, vindictive, selfish attention whore who will hurt people to get attention, Bachmann strikes me as a misguided fool.

    I liked that she can play with the big boys and that she can command the type of attention she did after only serving three terms in the House, and barely winning once.

  9. HappyinVT

    “NBC News: @TomPetty unhappy with Michele Bachmann’s use of ‘American Girl’ and in process of issuing [a cease and desist] letter,” Matt Ortega reported on Twitter only hours after hours after Bachmann used the popular song to kick off her campaign ….

    via Wonkette.  Now off to read the comments.  🙂

  10. HappyinVT

    Doesn’t sound like alot but CNN characterized it as more than other candidates including Romney and Huntsman.  Although one person there said he’d like to see a Romney/Bachmann ticket.

    Also, I think Huntsman is screwed.  Who even knows he’s in the race?  It is early yet but Bachmann’s sucking the air out of the room.

  11. fogiv

    local girl makes good!

    To that end, we’ve had a list of several names we’ve wanted to promote to Featured Writer status the past six months or so, but just haven’t had the time to do anything about it. Today, we start to change that.

    Things have settled down a bit. We’re still crazy busy. The office is still just half-moved in, we’re in the midst of a minor design refresh, we’re still hiring people, and we’re still launching new verticals (like the aforementioned labor one). But, we have enough breathing space that we’re able to start reducing our backlog of new featured writers.

    So we’re thrilled to announce Denise Oliver-Velez. You know here as deoliver47, though her account will soon reflect her real name. On Daily Kos, she is a co-editor of Black Kos and editor at both Latino Kos and HIV/AIDS Action groups.

  12. HappyinVT

    so I’m going to plop this here:

    Sarah and Bristol Palin were at the Mall of America today to sign their books…..and only a few people showed up. While they allowed people to show up at 5 AM to wait in line, only a few diehards trickled in to wait for the Palin family, just one day after Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated” debuted in Iowa.

    “I think there were only twenty people…I was kind of surprised by that,” said a Bristol fan.


    … there was hardly a rush. Overall, an estimated 300 people showed up in total. This is the free market in its full beauty, for without demand there is no need to produce the product. While the media expresses shock over the low numbers, those who have been paying attention realized that Palin has been failing to draw big crowds for a while now. Her speech in Wisconsin was populated mostly by protesters, for example, and last night at her premiere, we could see the pavement in “crowd” shots just feet away from her.

    There’s a picture accompanying the story with multiple ropelines to keep the hoards in order.  But there isn’t any hoard. Hahahahahahaha

    Estimates from yesterday’s movie premier put the crowd at about 600.  Are we finally at 14 1/2 minutes of fame?  Please?  (Yes, I realize I’m contributing but then I’m not the msm, either.)

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