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Priorities- Open Thread

From a Long Island friend’s Facebook status this morning.

Wow. We can waste over a trillion dollars on a stimulus bill and another trillion on healthcare, but can’t find the money for Thunderbirds or Blue Angels at the Jones Beach Air Show this year? Fail.

Just as long as we all know what’s most important and everything

Consider this an Open Thread, Sending my thoughts to Alabama, who probably should fend for themselves so we can still keep the F-16s flying around off the coast on Memorial Day to satisfy our lust for flying bomb machines.  


  1. spacemanspiff

    It looks as if Mike Huckabee won’t be making a presidential run in 2012 after all.  An article at the Process Story blog says they have been told Huckabee is “giving his former S.C. supporters the nod to seek work on other presidential campaigns.

    This has even’t started yet and my pick is on his way out (almost)?

    PA- THE- TIC…

    He who lives by the crystal ball must learn to survive on a diet of broken glass.

  2. jsfox

    The Thunderbirds and/or Blue Angels are paid to appear by the Air Show not by the Federal Government.  

  3. DTOzone

    That rmp690 does at DailyKos

     There is no “Democratic Party” (0+ / 0-)

    There hasn’t been since the party lost it’s unifying “for the (white) working man” identity in the 1960s and 1970s.

    There is a Republican Party.  Made up of three factions:  Religious Right, Corporate, Nativist/Nationalist.  Overlapping to a great degree, with members sharing the values of two, sometimes all three, subgroups.  Racially homogeneous.  Tolerant of the other subgroups’ major concerns, because they mostly don’t conflict.  Even when they do disagree, it’s only on the priority of issues, not on the basic substance.  The one exception is immigration, which they seem to have just agreed to disagree on, because the Left represents a threat to both sides of the issue.  They almost NEVER take their eye off the ball, and on the big stuff, they ALWAYS rally together if there is a chance to win.  Most importantly, they ALL identify together under the common bumper sticker mantra “low taxes, strong military, and family values”.

    On the other side, you have a loose confederation of disparate interest groups who’s values often conflict on basic substance.  The socially liberal, yet corporatist Dems, don’t like taxes or public spending.  Socially conservative (southern/rural) Dems don’t like gays, feminists, and minorities.  Union Dems don’t like limo-liberals, or immigrants.  And a significant faction of the Dem caucus is embarassed by the reflexively anti-war wing, and the hardcore environmentalists.  I could go on, but you get the picture.  Every so often, this group hates a Bush or a Nixon so much that they unite.  Mostly, though, they infight and cast suspicious glances at each other, and get their teeth kicked in.  Is it any wonder?  This group identifies as subgroups in a “party” which is the only place to go.  It’s a total mismatch.  It’s like a professional football team playing against a pick-up team from a public park.

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