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The House 44

Ok now this is just politically stupid. The House, out of  fear of Republicans using it against them decided to punt on voting on the Bush Tax cuts until after the mid-terms. Good grief if not this the Republicans will use some other piece of bull shit against them. And frankly not extending the Bush tax cuts on the upper 1% is a no brainer win.

So here is a list of the 44 House Dems that are shaking in their draws. If any of these folks is your Rep you might want to let them  know that you think being a coward is no way to represent the people or to win an election.

John Adler (NJ)

Jason Altmire (PA)

John Barrow (GA)

Melissa Bean (IL)

Shelley Berkley (NV)

Marion Berry (AR)

Sanford Bishop (GA)

Dan Boren (OK)

Rick Boucher (VA)

Bobby Bright (AL)

Chris Carney (PA)

Travis Childers (MS)

Jim Cooper (TN)

Jim Costa (D-CA)

Kathy Dahlkemper

Lincoln Davis (TN)

Ted Deutch (FL)

Joe Donnelly (IN)

Brad Ellsworth (IN)

Ann Kirpatrick (AZ)

Kissell (NC)

Ron Klein (FL)

Suzanne Kosmas (FL)

Dan Maffei (NY)

Betsey Markey (CO)

Jim Matheson (UT)

Mike McIntyre (NC),

Michael McMahon (NY)

Walt Minnick (ID)

Harry Mitchell (AZ)

Scott Murphy (NY)

Glenn Nye (VA)

Gary Peters (MI)

Collin Peterson (MN)

Ciro Rodriguez (TX)

Mike Ross (AR)

Steve Rothman (NJ)

John Salazar (CO)

Loretta Sanchez (CA)

Albo Sires (NJ)

Zack Space (OH)

Betty Sutton (OH)

Harry Teague (NM)

David Wu (OR)


  1. HappyinVT

    How do they think extending the Bush tax cuts benefits anyone other than those who don’t need it (including, tellingly, themselves)?

    Ben Nelson thinks the tax cuts should be paid for by the stimulus.  Oy!

  2. Steve M

    My rep is on the list… in a safe blue district, too.  I already made one angry call when he signed the telecom lobby’s letter on net neutrality.  Time to pick up the phone again…

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