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  1. spacemanspiff

    This is great stuff.

    Don’t we have some Moose Awards?

    We should!

    As far as my awesome diary on the state of the state of Republicans. They look foolish. The Tea Party are the only R’s who are motivated. The rest of the party faithful stayed home. If you google O’Donnel and crazy together you get tons of hits (I’ve tried it). Hell. Its the way I look her up on the internet. Like word association. Boom!!! Right there. I giggled as I read. Is she for real?


    Wait for it…

    Wait for ittttt…

    A little more…


  2. jsfox

    I don’t know. Christine almost makes Sarah look reasonable. God I can’t believe I just wrote that.

    Just an FYI it seems that Christine came to her sexual conversion while at Fairly Ridiculous after being a party girl who at least claims she had sex. Now I am wondering did she stop because of some religious awakening, she didn’t like it or just didn’t like with opposite sex?

    Have we case of another sexually repressed, closeted Republican?  

  3. HappyinVT

    has apparently walked back some of his criticism of this fruitcake.  I’d like to see the NRSC sink a bunch of money into her, thus taking it away from other races, only to see her lose.  So far, though, it looks like they’re sending a minimal amount.

  4. From an article on TPM.

    “There’s only truth and not truth,” she said. “You’re either very good or evil. I went back to my dorm and asked myself what I was.”

    What makes this scary is that, of course, truth is what she believes. That automatically makes anyone that disagrees with her evil.

  5. Shaun Appleby

    On the whole Tea Party phenomenon.  I was gleefully enjoying her victory until I saw her take in a cool million in twenty-four hours, thereby wiping out Coons’ financial advantage in one stroke.

    It would be a mistake, it seems to me, to underestimate the potential long-term negative impacts to our aspirations which these extremist candidates represent.  For one thing, they are pulling the Republican party inexorably to the xenophobic Right which, however entertaining, is not a good thing.  The party of ‘no’ will become the party of ‘never.’

    Secondly, they are giving legitamacy to the voicing of previously taboo positions on domestic policy issues like the economics of ‘entitlement’ programs and government regulation which the Repubicans have had to dog-whistle about in the past.  Social Security, Medicare you name it…  These people wan’t to abolish the Postal Service and the Department of Education for pity’s sake.  And they are serious if not profound thinkers.

    We daren’t underestimate their already proven organising and political fundraising ability.  It has been slowly dawning on me that they are achieving something substantial here and it is not safe to assume it is just the Koch brothers, they may have started it but the movement has assumed a life of its own.

    As far as the ridiculous quotes we are so fond of posting as video clips and the ridicule of the candidates apparent lack of depth and experience, let’s hope it scares independents.  It surely is scaring me.  But make no mistake, their supporters don’t care.  If anything it increases their appeal.

    I think it is pretty obvious that Palin is preparing to run in 2012.  Her political capital has increased throughout this primary season.  While I pray that we hold the Right at the barricades in November and retain at least slender majorities in this current political climate I have my doubts.  But notice where Palin sits, if they lose it is the loss of the Republican establishment, it they win it is her victory.  She may be crazy but she is as cunning as an artic fox.

    It’s hard not to revel, briefly, in the discomfort of the establishment Republicans.  It is palpable, they are in disarray and they know their corporate masters, and Fox, will drop them in a second if a better alternative emerges.  They really are between a rock and a hard place.  But they may end up looking all soft and cozy compared to these unrepentant, ruthless ultraconservatives who actually believe their own apocalyptic rhetoric.  

    Lets hope we hold this thing at bay, with the good will and wisdom of the independents.  But if we don’t we had better retool for a completely different struggle because it is going to get very, very ugly and many of the political paradigms we have become accustomed to may be swept away forever.  Look what they did to ACORN.

  6. DTOzone

    Another media fail. John Dickerson of CBS this morning talking about Christine O’Donnell. In response to her saying she won’t do anymore news interviews, he said “which is understandable since they would want to trap her and trigger a meltdown. She needs to focus on Delaware and get her numbers up with Independents”

    Imagine would the response would be if a Democrat declined news interview.

    Meanwhile last night, Keith Olbermann showed video of two Democratic Senators on the floor calling out Republicans “sad and unprecedented obstruction” of DADT, then had someone one to discuss how Democrats won’t call out Republican obstruction.

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