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September 5, 2010: The Day in Tubes

A deal is a deal.

Education has been the latest buzz for the past month or so. The Onion has an interesting perspective on the subject.

An Onion a day helps keep the apathy away? Hmmm.

Can I sic the Onion on this dude? I really want to keep him away.

Oh thank you tehglennbeck for explaining this. Actually, Palin and Beck scare me. They are smart enough, have certain skills and are the slickest snake oil sales people I have ever seen. They are truly dangerous people.

I guess tehglennbeck had a party last weekend in Washington. I am getting tired of The Koch brothers getting their way. Let’s show all of them a real grass roots movement and attend the 10-2-10 March on Washington

Thank goodness the polls are not supporting evidence that these folks are making an actual impact. They are, IMO riling up that segment of society they are able to rally. Unfortunately this is a shit load of people and I am not surprised that the marchy thing was a ginormous success in numbers. And if we let them, it could add up to big numbers for the republicans in November.

Earlier this week John Nichols from the Nation discussed the disappearance of the “Moderate Republicans” ie Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Jacob Javits, Percy, even Reagan in 1976. IMHO this is the real problem in the United States right now.

The republicans learned more from George Wallace than from Eisenhower? Carter won the south and Ford got the north east. Wow. Seeing the historical movement of the Republican Party over the last 40 years is very interesting. The path it is on right now, is the ending of a once great Party. I wonder what will take it’s place?  

I have noticed that the republicans (if one could call them that) are launching and supporting a lot of female candidates this year. I have had fun with Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin but haven’t really introduced myself to some of the other repug gals out there.

Hellooo Janet Brewer.

I thought about putting this tube first because it is pretty funny. However, the truth is funnier than fiction.

TYT’s took a closer look at Governor Jan Brewer.

Wow. Good luck with that Arizona.

I have another funny. It almost seems like an Onion as it seems utterly like parody, but the funniest part of this tube, is this is an actual commercial to pump up votes for repubicans.

Now that is some sick shit.


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