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Bad Kharma in the Gulf Oil Fields: an Openly Greasy Thread

Well, the Tin Man’s Hat didn’t work, so BP is onto – as Rick Sanchez puts it – somewhere between Plan B and Plan G.

Politics has gone dormant – as attested by the slow pace of political blogs these days – and as one of those paying less attention I find myself unsubscribing from many of the political mailing lists I had been on for the past year or two (I particularly don’t care what Michael Steele and the Party Formerly Known as Republicans have to say).

What about you all?  Life more interesting than politics?  Got any good surfing stories to tell?

Consider this a particularly slippery open thread.


  1. HappyinVT

    nominee today.  She’s a she and, if confirmed, it would be the first time (until Ginsburg retires) that three women have sat on the highest court at the same time.  (Might need a bigger ladies’ room.)

    And Micheal Steele already put his foot in it regarding something Kagan said.

  2. spacemanspiff

    The people making the most noise are those on both extremes of the political spectrum. The Teabaggers and the Purity Trolls. Everybody else lives in the real world. Seriously. Now that I’m blogging less I can see why the blogosphere is not taken that seriously by many in the mainstream. Most opinion sites have decent to great ideas on paper. But they are seriously lacking in the common sense and reality associated with implementing such ideas. What’s even more irritating is the “break the toys” if I don’t get to play with them my way attitude. I used to have more respect for those who ruled the Rec. List over at Kos. That is until I noticed that the only way to do that was to spend hours cultivating relationships in the comments section. The only way to do this is by not stepping out in the real world and seeing what politics is REALLY like. The Moose will pick up its pace eventually when we get some good action but for now, I’m content with stopping by and letting you all know I’m lurking (like that nerd Kysen).

  3. HappyinVT

    Under attack from the Teabagger wing of the GOP, Senator John McCain has a new campaign ad to prove his anti-immigrant credentials – along with a corny website, at The TV ad – shot in the border town of Nogales, Arizona – shows McCain talking with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu about the need for tougher border security. Nogales is on the Mexican border, but it’s in Santa Cruz County – not Pinal County, which is 115 miles north in central Arizona. Meanwhile, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff who’s job would be to enforce the law in and around Nogales has been quite critical of Arizona’s race-baiting policies, such as the recently passed SB 1070. “Local law enforcement has a great relationship with the Hispanic community,” said Sheriff Antonio Estrada about the new law. “Something like this is really going to scare these people.” McCain strongly supports SB 1070.

    The article goes on to reiterate what has been reported elsewhere namely that the Pima County (which also borders Mexico) Sheriff has been even more vocal in his opposition to SB 1070.

  4. DTOzone

    gets a slap in the face from reality tonight.

    Blue Dog Congressman Alan Mollohan of West Virginia has been ousted in a CLOSED DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY by a 12 point margin by a Democrat running to the right of him…a Blue Dog…a Democrat running to the right of a Blue Dog, won a Democratic primary.

    But I thought Democratic voters wanted REAL Democrats!?!?!

  5. HappyinVT

    Ask and ye shall receive…

    It’s a little fuzzy but you try to take a picture using the mirror to look through the viewfinder.  And, I have no idea why but, apparently, there’s yellow light emitting from by bellybutton.


    I, alas, don’t have a picture of (J)ack.  🙁  I lost him before I went digital.

    But here’s (F)rannie:


    and (S)am:


  6. the BP rig was a disaster waiting to happen.

    The deadman switch on the blow out preventer?  Had a dead battery, that they knew about.  They had also disabled one of the shut-off rams on the BOP for testing purposes, so when it was needed it could not be used.  And a loose fitting on the damn thing bled off hydraulic pressure.

    The explosion?  Likely cause a mix of natural gas with the oil due to improper procedures and practices.  That they knew about.

    Now, not only can we not drill-baby-drill – like we could have reasonably safely if the companies and gov’t oversight had been doing the things that they are capable of – but the odds of getting more local oil just fell off the scales.  Good thing for Iran and Venezuela.

    Obama is going to separate the fed dept that sells oil rights from the dept that ensures safety and regulation – which today are the same dept.  I’m sure Sarah and Glenn will disagree (and Rush still believes it was Secret Submarine Commie Lefties, so it is now officially OK to completely ignore him).

  7. fogiv

    …some facebook banter.  This is a brilliant former colleague of mine waxing rhapsodic on a few current events:

    Cotton Mather’s 1723 book The Pure Nazarite should be required reading in all Arizona schools and across Puritan America, warning about the dangers of impiety and impurity.

    I’m talking about Sarah’s Puritan blond roots!! We must all know about Biblical laws, otherwise we will all be copulating with turkeys (or in the West, sheep), capital crimes I advise you. (Where were turkeys domesticated, Mexico!! I rest my case).

    And where were sheep domesticated? Iran!!!!

    Great, now they must card Arizona goat herders. Where will it end?

    He’s shopping a great racy (and ridiculously well researched) book on young Ben Franklin.  If anyone has an in with a publisher, hit me up.

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