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As Disaster Approaches America’s Coast, Rush Solves the Case

It’s all a conspiracy, folks.  Simple as that.  Bunch of environmental whackos snuck aboard an occupied oilrig at sea in their wheatgrass-powered magic submarines, planted bombs strategically located to cripple this million-ton floating city and sink it in just the right way to ruin the emergency shut-off mechanism (which is a 450 ton block 40 feet high) located 5,000 feet below on the sea floor.

It is believed that Hollywood actors and notorious do-gooders Brad Pitt and George Clooney participated in the raid, killing all 11 missing men with their bare hands during the operation.

Thank you, Rush, for straightening that out for us.

Anything can  be used for political purpose if you just try hard enough, eh?


  1. Cheryl Kopec

    …if not the planet. Now that corporations are people, we can execute them, right?

  2. DTOzone

    is watching the media act like they have been shilling for drilling for the past few years.

  3. “It’s over,” said Tom Becker, long-time captain of the Skipper in Biloxi. “I’m not worried about when the oil will get here; I’m worried about how long it will be here. Right now, I’m worried about 2011 and 2012. People just don’t realize how big a catastrophe this is.

    “This is as bad as it can get for us, if they can’t cap that leak. People keep talking about the light sheen on the surface, but there are millions of gallons of crude oil in the Gulf and it continues to increase by 200,000 gallons a day with no end in sight.”

    Becker said the impact will be devastating for both the commercial and sports fishing industry for years to come.

    “This coincides with the spawning season for many of our key species, from shrimp to oysters, speckled trout to cobia,” he said. “We could lose entire year classes of those species if oil gets to the eggs or on the fry.

    “Next year, if we can get back on the Gulf, we will be going out there wondering if there are any fish out there, and if there are will they be safe to eat. If you reel up a fish with oil on it, would you eat it? I wouldn’t.”

  4. is enormous. As others have already said, there will be serious consequences for fish, oyster, and shrimp populations. The effect on tourism could will be devastating. More unemployment for a region that is already suffering. And, the danger that this will affect the east coast. This is heartbreaking.

    There is one other area that will be affected – politics. The blame game is already starting. “Obama’s Katrina” is the talking point from the Right. The longer this drags on the more they will blame it on Obama. I’m afraid that will resonate with the public, which is sad, because this is all a result of the failure of Republican policies, just like the financial crisis we are experiencing.

    This is the “unseen hand” in unregulated markets – unforeseen consequences. Loose regulation, unfettered markets, and rapacious exploitation of natural resources that belong to all the people, not just the exploiters.

    There is another part of this that will play out just like it did in the aftermath of the derivatives disaster. The public is going to be stuck with the cost of dealing with this disaster. Oh sure, BP will have to pay for the cleanup, but you can bet they’ll get out of much of that cost. What they won’t pay for is the loss of income for the fisherman and tourism industry that will be negatively affected. That loss from that will be far greater than any cleanup cost. Guess who will be paying for more unemployment benefits and welfare for Gulf coast residents? You got it, the taxpayer.  

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