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Florida Special Election points out something the Press seems to be missing.

As I thought about Florida Rep. Ted Deutch’s quote in my previous post this morning, I also recalled a discussion I heard either on Olbermann or Rachel Maddow last night ( I really wasn’t looking at who was talking, but was lying flat on my back after taking a pain killer for my cracked ribs) in which a Republican said he was really in agreement on the nuclear decisions that the President had come to, but in terms of voting for the  treaty with the Russians he would probably have to vote NO. The reason? Because the Party Leaders are insistent on not supporting anything the President does prior to the November elections.

The goal is, still, to make the current Administration a failure.

Fla. Rep Ted Deutch and constituent

This is very upsetting to hear at this point, since Obama has been making such real accomplishments that it is clear even the Republican individuals actually realize it and, often, agree with The President on many of his views. That the Republicans have chosen through their leadership (and here we must single out Boehner and McConnell as the Elected Leadership, plus Gingrich and Palin as the Unelected Leadership) to barrage the Press and public with anti-positions to every Obama pro-position, that they can maintain that there is public support for the Righties in November.

And there are polls… polls which don’t seem to agree with actual votes when they happen… polls which have a lean to one side or the other before they are carried out and evaluated. It has stopped me from looking at polls altogether.

Before Ted Deutch winning his special election, it was clear to all the world that a Republican would take that seat. So, lo and behold, what happened? Did the constituents (especially the retired seniors who are the weight of Deutch’s district) realize that they are actually protected b the new Health Care law… that they are likely to save money..that there is no Death Panel to report to?

And won’t the rest of America realize what they got from the Health Care Law, and from Obama’s other successes,  when they go to the polls in November. I think there is going to be a surprise for both the Republicans and the Press.



  1. HappyinVT

    special election; shoot, I didn’t even know there was a special election.  You can bet that had a Republican won everyone would be touting it as another sign that the country doesn’t back Obama.

    I think the Republicans might be in danger of overplaying their hand on the treaty with Russia.  A poll out earlier this week showed that 70% were in favor of it.  Given the agreements the president got from Brazil, Mexico, and the Ukraine I’d expect the president to be extra solid on this.  It was also the headline in my local paper so it got some press here in Vermont.  I was also very happy to see Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshare Fund on Rachel’s show last night.  He had met with the president after the summit and had great things to say.

    I also read somewhere, I think a comment at RumpRoast, that a poll showed Dems were making a bit of a comeback in pre-November polling.  I know Nate Silver isn’t thrilled with Dem chances but a lot can happen between now and Aug/Sept/Oct.  Keep in mind, a lot of  stimulus money is still to be dispersed; although states need all the help they can get and quickly.

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