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This Large Country: Largely Open Thread (FB Album Link Update)

I am currently about 1,600 miles  into my move from Raleigh, North Carolina to Scotts Valley, California.  Around me is a big yellow Penske rental truck with some portion of my Worldly Belongings inside and our little blue Honda on a trailer behind.  As I have gone through each state I. Have posted iPhone pics to Facebook of some of the landmarks along the way (or, at night, the dark places where you would see landmarks if it were not so dark).

With North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas behind me and 1,200 miles of New Mexico, Arizona and California ahead of me I am reminded once again:

What a big – beautiful – country this is.

[UPDATE] Wish I had found out sooner how to post a FaceBook album, but better late than never I suppose.

11:45 am Mountain Time.

I am stopping at Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurants along the way, will add some info on Memphis’ Ancinia’s and Oklahoma City’s Ingrid’s Kitchen later.

At Cecilia’s Cafe in Albequerque, NM now.  The food, atmosphere and service are absolutely wonderful.  There are a passel (think it’s a passel, may be a wumpus) of great folks here, many of whom found the place through the show as well.

Here I am at this moment:

And this is the #10 – Machaca Plate – you have a choice of a sopaipilla or a tortilla, the sopaipilla is sweet and wonderful:

And this is Cecilia:


  1. In the spirit of an Open Thread though, I’mma leave this right here. It’s The Restore America Plan from the nice folks who sent those letters to all fifty Governors. Figured y’all would enjoy a little light reading and start your day off with a little Batshit Crazy, to put the rest of the day in perspective…


  2. HappyinVT

    So, I got fogiv’s Japanese Beckoning Cat immortalized as body art yesterday.  It turned out beautifully.  The tattooist stayed quite true to the original artwork; due to size constraints a couple of small details had to be left out.  Due to budgetary constraints the hermit thrush will have to be added at a later date.  But I couldn’t be happier!

    I do have to say that sucker hurt a bit more than I thought.  For whatever reason, maybe because they were the last things to get done, the pink in the ears bothered me more than anything.  I think I left semi-permanent finger marks in the headrest; if there had been a bullet handy I might have bit it.

    Alas, I have not yet taken a picture so y’all will just have to imagine what it looks like until sometime over the weekend.

    Thank you, fog!  I can’t wait for you to see pictures!

  3. Shaun Appleby

    A day or two away from the incredibly pointless, self-aggrandising and misdirected opinionating of the political punditry is a relief.  Oh, and this (h/t Rump Roast):

    When it comes to domestic policy, the United States simply has not had as effectively progressive a president since the 1933-1945 governance by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I stress domestic because Washington’s clunky foreign policy supertanker is necessarily taking so much longer to turn and change course. But, at home, the skinny guy from the punk-rock generation in the Oval Office and his cadre of grassroots community organizers have rolled the right wing and the adversary knows it; thus, the thundering crescendo of loud panic and self-destruction among their ranks.

    Al Gioridano – Changes: Turn and Face the Strain The Field 30 March 10

    Al has had about the sanest ‘community organiser’ perspective on Obama’s impact on American society since 2007; well worth a read.  He’s very prescient.  It also intersects nicely with Chris Bowers’ interesting post recently that put Open Left in near revolt.

  4. Shaun Appleby

    Republican spin on the recent quarterly fund-raising results:

    “If we look like winners, money will follow,” said Steven H. Gordon, an adviser to Senate Republican leaders who in the past has raised $70 million for GOP congressional candidates.

    R Jeffrey Smith – With midterms approaching, GOP outmatched by Democrats on campaign funds Washington Post 2 Apr 10

    Kinda’ begs the question what will happen if they look like a bunch of desperate, prevaricating, disunited idiots but maybe that’s just me.

  5. spacemanspiff

    Feel like I know you a bit better.

    Nothing’s changed. Still thing you’re way to nice.

    Are you ever not smiling? 🙂

    Looks like you had fun and the pics gave me the munchies.

    That’s a good thing.

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