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Chilean Earthquake, 3am Today. 8.8

If the 8.8 stands this will put this shaker in the top ten in recorded history.  Chile is experienced with earthquakes and much more capable of dealing with the aftermath (Chilean teams went to Haiti to help with search and rescue), but this is nonetheless an enormous event.  The epicenter was 22 miles underground 200 miles from Concepcion, and has also caused damage in Santiago including the main terminal at the airport there.

Tsunami warnings have been issued for Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific nations.

The story is unfolding, I leave this diary to be updated by others.  I will be travelling most of the day.

Image courtesy has this

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also informed that it is indicated by the Sea level readings that a tsunami was generated and it could be dangerous near the earthquake center along the coasts and it could also be destructive for more distant coasts. Keeping in view this thing Chile, Peru and Ecuador were issued a tsunami warning. Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama and Antarctica were also issued a warning but they are not under very urgent watch. Tsunami could hit Hawaii later in the day so warning for Hawaii was also issued.

The capital of Chile was vibrated by the earthquake that affected the buildings for around 20 seconds. It is also said that the electricity as well as telecommunication system was also affected. It came soon after the Haiti earthquake and it should be realized after having an experience with the Haiti earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 having killed 230,000 people that the rescue efforts should be made without any delay. now has this tsunami map:

The lines indicate “hours from inception”.  Chile is at UTC-3, or two hours earlier than New York (Chilean Daylight Savings).  The Tsunami is scheduled to make contact with Hawaii at 11am local time (4pm Eastern, six hours from now).


  1. fogiv

    Experts warned that a tsunami could strike anywhere in the Pacific. Emergency officials set off shrieking alarm sirens across parts of Hawaii, which could face its largest waves since 1964 starting at 11:19 a.m. (4:19 p.m. EST, 2119 GMT), according to Charles McCreery, director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

  2. DTOzone

    my cousin’s wife’s entire family lies in Concepcion. Her parents, her siblings, her nieces and nephews, cousins, grandparents. No word from Chile.

    On top of that his parents and his brother have been evacuated from their home in Maui, Hawaii. My cousin there text me and told me they were being told to head up into Haleakala, but the waves may not be as big as they worry, but they’re not taking any chances.

    And this comes after my good friend Anthony lost both his parents in Haiti.

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