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OMFG (D, MA-4)

Yes, it’s real.

Introduction Video from Rachel for Congress on Vimeo.

Rachel Brown is the LaRouchian whackadoo who burned her proverbial 15 minutes of fame comparing Obama to Nazis at a Barney Frank town hall meeting last summer, which led Frank to compare her to a dining room table.  Today, she’s running against Frank in the primary…as a Democrat.

Only in America. Wondering about the platform?  Positions on policy?  Ideas?  Here are some of my favorties, excerpted from her site:

It is time for President Obama to be removed from office. Before, he was impeachable, now, he must be impeached. His recent announcement of plans to cut Constellation, NASA’s manned space program, has demonstrated we will have no semblance of a future if we continue under his wing.


This means, money acquires value as it works to increase the productive powers of labor. Constitutionally, the Congress has the exclusive power to issue currency. No private institution has the right to forge something so vital to the health of our nation’s economy. Banks will obtain ample credit, which they then may provide for the service of circulation, as we rebuild our infrastructure, construct an international rail system, and produce the technologies and materials necessary for a Moon/Mars colonization program.

Well shit, why didn’t I think of that?


We must revive the space program, to inspire the population, and make our youth excited to take part in humanity.

Something I think we can all agree on: humans (particularly the young ones) ought to take part in humanity.  Plus, when we’re colonizing Mars, we’ll need the extra labor.


Science will gain new meaning when we can conduct the same experiments simultaneously on Earth, Mars, in an orbital path around the Moon, and while traveling at relativistic speeds in the oceans of space.


Since our United States was merely a twinkle in Nicholaus of Cusa‘s eye, before Columbus’ voyage to discover a new world, where modern civilization would be transplanted a safe distance away from the disgusting traditions of oligarchism and slavery, we have had a westward imperative. For colonial settlers, that meant traversing the Allegheny and Blue Ridge mountains in the 1700’s, and to Americans rallied by Abraham Lincoln’s leadership after the Civil War, reaching the Pacific coast by rail.

Having trouble with that?  Allow me:

Note that a 15th century Catholic Cardinal is the O.G. founding father of the USA.  

Nevermind that Columbus enslaved the Arawak et al., or that the United States had that whole ‘slavery’ thing going, which precipitated the Civil War.  Lincoln’s leadership helped out afterward, even though he was assassinated in 1865 (the same year the war ended).  On account of that war, supply shortages meant that Union Pacific didn’t even begin construction of the rail line traversing the Sierra Nevada mountains until July of 1865 (three months after Honest Abe died).  Under the leadrship of Zombie Lincoln, the Transcontinetal Railroad was completed when it reached Sacramento, California in 1869.

Yeah, otherwise that’s perfect.


Now, the United States must adopt the same policy of survival, by casting aside all ties to the City of London, to set a new horizon, on the Pacific.


Despite the failure of the recent Copenhagen summit to impose global policies of depopulation and deindustrialization, the British empire tries still to rear its ugly head, exerting its attempted control through the actions of its nasty, dim-witted agents, Barack Obama and Harry Reid. The true intention of the health care putsch gleamed through in British lackey Obama‘s grab at “perpetuity” of his own favorite policy reform, the mass-murderous Independent Medical Advisory Board. This “for perpetuity” clause is strikingly similar to one in another article of British authorship, the European Lisbon Treaty, which proclaims the extension of its supranational powers “for an unlimited period.”

They’re onto you, Brit.  Lots more awesome stuff to peruse at the Rachel For Congress site.  Super sweet videos too!


  1. HappyinVT

    I thought this was something from The Onion because Rachel Brown bears a slight resemblance to Rachel Maddow.  (Sorry, Rachel M.)

    So, is Michelle Obama really the Queen’s love child (which would explain the rather uncharacteristic physical affection between the two of them last year)?

    Finally, if Ms. Brown thinks space exploration is soooo important I vote we send her on the next manned mission ~ and make sure it’s a loooong one.

  2. I thought our secret plan to overturn the Declaration of Independence was precisely that – secret.

    Just goes to show what happens when I go off skiing for a week. All hell breaks loose, and there’s always one crazy republican far enough off the planet to vaguely get the gist.

    True: Obama is really a British Lackey

    True: we’ve signed the Lisbon agreement to divest ourselves of sovereignty in order to increase it.

    True; Lewis Carroll said you had to believe something impossible before breakfast.

    Chillingly, our very effective death panel is actually called NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). They do all kinds of devilish things like reduce the price of drugs and make you sip tea with a crooked little finger, while wearing underpants that play God Save The Queen.

    How’s the Moose been this last week? Looks like the rest of the world has got a bit crazier  

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