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Maps of Florida Elections

By: Inoljt,

For your enjoyment, a few maps of Florida’s presidential elections (taken from the New York Times) are posted below.


Barack Obama beats John McCain, 50.91% to 48.10%. Notice how well he does in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. On the other hand, John McCain is absolutely dominating the north, where he improved on Bush in a number of smaller counties.

More elections below the fold.



George W. Bush beats John Kerry, 52.10% to 47.09%. Kerry’s getting absolutely clobbered; he only holds on to core Democratic counties. He’s being broken in the swing I-4 Corridor.



George W. Bush controversially beats Al Gore, 48.85% to 48.84%. Gore does extremely well in West Palm Beach and Broward County, helped by Jewish support for running mate Joe Lieberman. In fact, relative to his national performance, Gore does better than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter.



Bill Clinton beats Bob Dole, 48.02% to 42.32%. It’s the best Democratic performance since Harry Truman. Clinton is effective at appealing to Cubans, and in consequence does better than any Democrat since LBJ in Miami-Dade County. He’s also competitive in north Florida, winning counties Obama lost by 2 to 1 margins.



George H.W. Bush beats Bill Clinton, 40.89% to 39.00%. Independent Ross Perot takes a respectable 19.82% of the vote, a fact not reflected by this map. Bush’s strong performance is surprising (remember, Clinton won Georgia in ’92); perhaps Hurricane Andrew had something to do with this. For interest, compare Orlando in 1992 to Orlando in 2008.


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